Friday, December 02, 2016

Crazy Sound 1700W Power Amplifier Circuit

Not the one with the title of this post, why crazy sound ? Because of circuit power amplfier is really crazy, sound is powerful. By having a power output of 1700W Mono at 8 Ohm load with power supply voltage of around 110VDC. This power amplifier have featured Indicator clip and speaker protector circuit. Final transistor using Sanken C3264 and A1295. Bellow the circuit schematic and PCB Layout.

Crazy Sound 1700W Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram
1700W power amplifier crazy sound output

For the initial setup, VR-2 at the position to the left of the VR-1 at the center position. Then the VR-1 setup. Avometer position in DC volts, Avo + to the speaker avo - to ground. Up to 0 Volt. After the VR-2, from a base Sanken SC (NPN) to the base of Sanken SA (PNP). avo + to base SC and avo - to base SA, max voltage should be 1 volt.

PCB Crazy Sound 1700W Power Amplifier Circuit 
PCB 1700W Power Amplifier
PCB Layout power amplifier 1700W

Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.


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sir do you have the circuit diagram of the speaker protector only

you can search in this site by using search box on side bar,

Sir, just want to ask of all the power amplifier you have shared which one is the most very loud bass for outdoor?