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1600W High Power Amplifier Circuit complete PCB Layout

DIY Amazing High Power Amplifier circuit 1600W

This power amplifier circuit is a 1600W at 8 Ohm mono circuit that uses transistors as an amplifier.  Almost same with 2800W high power amplifier circuit, For stereo power amplifier circuit, you can use this circuit 2x and will issue a power of 3200W. Let us first see the circuit schematic below.

1600W High Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram

1600W High Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram

In the buffer circuit coupled with op-amp ic 4558, supplied 15VDC voltage, circuit power supply you can see in the picture is flavored transistor D313 and B507. Driver circuit using transistor MJE340 MJE350.  For use transformer, it's using one transformer by one circuit mono. CT of the transformer is not connected to the ground, will be a short-circuit. Due to this 1600W power amplifier circuit just use a plus and minus voltage only.

PCB LAYOUT for 1600W high power amplifier circuit
 PCB LAYOUT for 1600W high power amplifier circuit

PCB layout 1600W power amplifier

DIY 1600W High Power Amplifier Project by Guest elcircuit Facebook Fanpage: Junjun Mojendar

Power Amplifier Circuit Unfinished

1600W High Power Amplifier Circuit

high power amplifier circuit

1600W power amplifier

1600W power amplifier circuit

diy high power amplifier circuit

Video Test 1600W Power Amplifier Circuit:

The Power amplifier using final transistor 2SA1943 and 2SC5200 12 Set, for more powerful output amplifier using an original transistor. You can see the PCB Layout transistor as many as 12 sets by channel (Mono Amplifier) in order to issue a power of 1600W or 1,6kW at supply voltage 65VDC.

Below Updated the power amplifier builds completed and tested see the image and video:
Speaker for 1600W Power Amplifier
The speakers used 15"x2 12"x2 2x tweeter
1600W Power Amplifier Circuit for high power amplifier
1600W Power Amplifier Completed

High Power Amplifier for home quality sound

Wiring connection high power amplifier based for field amplifier

High Power Amplifier Project by Jun Modenjar

Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.


what the amperage the transformer for power amplifier?

you can use 10A transformer or greater

If iam use 5A transformer, what the impact?

it less current voltage.. so the power amplifier output give less power . so it can affect for speaker used.

can i use 1/4 watt for resistor?

yes you can use it for the driver, buffer,and speaker protect circuit.

1600W ??? on what kind of load?

obvious bad pcb layout for those outputs, their legs far from straight. needs a lot of work to make this layout better.

yes it so difficult to make this layout. but its tested amp and powerfull sound output.

Certainly NOT with 65V rails.

Please send me the Proteus file. My email is ayokunlefalade@yahoo.com

Sir can you send me pcb layout diagram and parts list pls...
Thanks in advance

i dont have the proteus file sir.

please click the image to see it clearly

this is ground bridge system, like a crown macrotecth series or rdw too,..
btw, ada file simulasinya gak ya? klo berkenan bolheh di share. thx

Kalo Beli PCB nya dimana mas..? harga berapa..? atau file design PCB nya.. makasih

Ini bli di madiun bnyak mas.

With ± 65V rail, that's equal to about 46V RMS. With 8 ohms load, that should be about 265 watts & not 1600 watts

hello.. it is about maximum power.. not only calculating the power supply input and output. you can supply max voltage up to 100v dc

how many volts DC minimum and maximum for this amplifier

Hello Henry,

You may use the minimum voltage about 60vdc up 100vdc symmetrical power supply. It's recomended voltage power supply. And use minimum Amperage rating of transformer 20Ampere, for good performance amplifier.

hai pls send circuit and parts details....clearly...rithikmartin@gmail.com

Hello Rithik,

Please see at the post first for detail components and pcb layout. Please click the pcb and schematic for clear view.

how much voltage bias this diagram?.

hello sir,, can you pls. explain to me.. in your post can use the minimum voltage about 60vdc up to 100vdc symmetrical power supply.. but i use assymetrical power supply because in the schematic diagram in the picture is flavored using transformer 20 ampere 45vac plus filter diode bridge 35 ampere and 2x capacitor 30,000uf the output becomes 65vdc assymetrical because in the schematic instruction ct of the transformer is not connected to the ground it will be a short circuit due to this high power amplifier just use a plus and minus only...... symmetrical power supply is use plus, minus and ground,,, while assymetrical power supply use only plus and minus.. can you explain sir??? thanks...

if its just plus minus tge power cant be start, output just humming.

but sir i use only plus and minus,, because i dont know where is the common ground in the circuit,, can you tell me where is the common ground sir,, can you send me an image,,because i use only plus minus and the power can start normally no humming but the output is less bass performance.... tnx

okay jun please tell me your email i will send it

ok sir thank you... this is my email.

hello sir... i already sent my email... where is the image sir???

how to set the idle power in the bias voltage sir??

how to set the VR1 500 OHM SIR and the VR2 500 OHM... what voltage i set sir 350mv??? or what??? can you give a suggestion and procedure on how to set... thanks...

how to set the VR1 500 OHM SIR and the VR2 500 OHM... what voltage i set sir 350mv??? or what??? can you give a suggestion and procedure on how to set... thanks...

The vr trimpot is using to adjust bias voltage.. you can set to 0v

where is the common ground sir

please sent detail about this
such as image, pcb lay ,notes,steps,
my gmail id is gouthamretheesh143@gmail.com

rotate the trimpot into max or minimum until output 0V

For power amplifier just use + - voltage and commond ground at GND

PCB Layout is attach on post, and description on post.

Is it possible to send me better quality PCB, and layout files, also schematic diagram please clear_water_band@hotmail.com

Minta layout mas muktik74@yahoo.com
Klu beli pcb per chanel brapa

sir 1600 w ,what is a good power supply for that how many volts and how many amp?

Sir when amplifire power on then protect on and few seconds protect off how it work please help me

What about the output transformer , why it is used ?

What is number turns and diametre coil and diametre cooper for coil 470uH ??

Why i not work bias low and hy bias its zero

i think this is a grounded bridge amplifier clone form MAcrotech 2400