Monday, October 03, 2016

TDA2822 make for Subwoofer Power Amplifier

This circuit is about power amplifier based on IC TDA2822 and make it for Subwoofer Power amplifier. By using subwoofer filter that processed by IC op-amp JRC 4558 , the power amplifier TDA2822 has output speaker be Low Frequency or Just Bass output. See TDA2822 make for Subwoofer Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram Below.
TDA2822 make for Subwoofer Power Amplifier
In the above circuit schematic circuit actually only the combination of power TDA2822, with circuit Subwoofer Module, for the power supply voltage using the voltage of + 12V to 15V DC. Output spent is not too large enough for be used on a 6-inch subwoofer speaker with 50Watt power. its very cheap subwoofer amplifier circuit you can use for car speaker on front channel, or if you need car subwoofer system on front you can apply this power amplifier by using 2 or more assembly. For Home stereo subwoofer you can apply 2 power amplifier. Dont forget to making subwoofer speaker box for using this TDA2822 powered Subwoofer Amplifier. How to make subwoofer speaker box visit here  : Subwoofer Speaker Box , Box Design

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