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Professional Tone Control Mono Bass Expander and Subwoofer

This is a kit professional tone control mono with tone adjusting : Volume , Treble , Bass Expander and Subwoofer filter. What the special? Tone is quite amazing control, tone control is modify from C828 Tone Control and combined by the circuit subwoofer filter. So that makes this circuit are very interested for audio enthusiasts. See Kit Professional Tone Control Mono Bass Expander :

Kit Professional Tone Control Mono Bass Expander

Tone Control Description :
  • 2 Channel Input L/R Stereo convert to mono or you can using 1 input (Mono)
  • 1 Channel Output (Mono)
  • Low Distortion Output
  • 4 100K Potentiometer for Adjusting : Volume, Trebel, Bass Expander, Subwoofer
  • Based on transistor C1815 for processing and control trebel , bass expander. IC4558 for processng Subwoofer Filter
  • Power Supply need Symmetrical power supply + ,- ,G 15VDC .On pcb kit include voltage regulator by adding 15V Zener Diode

How to install the tone control for power amplifier circuit? You can see the diagram scheme instalation below,

How to install tone control circuit kit

Very easy right? for installation on a power amplifier circuit, Kit Professional Tone Control is exclusive for you audio enthusiasts, to use the stereo power amplifier, you can use two kits tone. How the installation is also like the diagram above, only parallels the input power supply voltage and corresponding output channel. Tone control circuit above is also very safe and its affordable cost. Safe for use in preamplifier and is highly recommended because there is a series of voltage regulator or stabilizer.

Project Power Amplifier and using this tone control
Professional Tone Control Mono Bass Expander and Subwoofer

If you are interested in this we immediately visit this link and get your audio quality that is more powerful. Buy It Kit From Ebay Kit Proffesional Tone Control Mono with Bass Expander ( Subwoofer )

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