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Active Subwoofer Circuit TL082 / TL072 / 4558

Active Subwoofer Circuit TL082 / TL072 / 4558

The circuit is slightly different to circuit collection subwoofer filter circuit or boost that has been elcircuit share with you. Such as :

Parts Active Subwoofer Circuit

This is circuit of Active Subwoofer Circuit by using x4 IC TL082 or you can using equivalent IC 4558 / JRC4558D / JRC4558 / TL072.  The active subwoofer function to filtering bass tones (Low) and add settings for low tones frequency ranging from 20Hz up to 70Hz on audio signal input output, the settings contained in the pot stereo that you can see in the picture circuit schematic. And setting the subwoofer volume contained in the pot mono.

Schematic diagram Active Subwoofer Circuit

List components to make it active subwoofer filter:
  • R 300 = 300 Ohm  1/4 W x 3
  • R 1k   = 1 K Ohm 1/2 W x1
  • R 3k3 = 3k3 Ohm 1/4 W x 3
  • R 10k = 10K Ohm 1/4 W x 4
  • R 47k = 47K ohm 1/4 W x 6
  • C 56n x2
  • C 100n x 2
  • C 330n x2 ( or you can replace 440n to enhancing bass )
  • C 2u2 = 2,2uF / 25V or higher
  • POT 50K Mono x1 ( Potentiometer / Variable Resistor )
  • POT 50K Stereo x1 ( Potentiometer / Variable Resistor )
  • IC using TL082 / TL072 / 4558 / JRC4558D x4
This PCB design for you DIY'ers, make it for your audio subwoofer system. This circuit compatible with any power amplifier circuit. You can apply for home audio, car subwoofer, and other.
PCB Subwoofer Filter Crossover circuit

PCB Active Subwoofer Circuit

PCB Layout Active Subwoofer Circuit

Actually, I also sell and you can buy  DIY Kit for this Active Subwoofer Circuit TL082 / TL072 / 4558, but I am limited by shipping to worldwide.

Active Subwoofer

Active Subwoofer [VIDEO]

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  1. Hello .. thanks for visit.recomended for subwoofer filter 4558

  2. hi, tks for share, but i dun understand the output after elec cap 2u2 of IC A. Hope u will help. tks again

    1. hello dear,

      it is false circuit, you can do nothing on it. Or you can erase 2u2uF

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  5. you can see the pcb at imahe above.. if not appear you must refresh your browser until the pcb layout image is appeR

  6. how about the supply??
    is it 12 0 12 vac??

  7. please send me the pcb layout,
    and how about the voltage??
    how many volts??

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    1. the pcb is atachment on post, supply voltage +12v 0 -12v.

    2. u can give 24-0-24 using 2.2K 1/2 watt resistance.. or by regulator ic it will give superb resut

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  12. 2 ics are getting heated up when I give voltage 12-12 1 ampier. Can you give me some advise to put work

  13. Sound does not come on subwoofer.

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  15. Halo mas mau tanya, dari skema rangkaian diatas kalau mau meningkatkan gain inputnya, resistor mana saja yang mesti diganti, dan berapa nilainya?

    Saya anggap rangkaian ini gainnya 1, gimana supaya bisa jadi 3 kali lebih besar. Soalnya perangkat player yang saya gunakan ini outputnya terlalu lemah, jadi sampai volume mentok putar kanan, output subwoofernya masih kecil.

    Terima kasih sebelumnya.

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