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Stereo Bass Booster Amplifier

A Bass Booster is an audio device, which amplifies the low frequencies (bass) within the audio spectrum. This operates in a similar manner to an audio equalizer. General-purpose equalizers are often not effective at boosting very low frequencies, and therefore many electronics enthusiasts make their own circuit to achieve this purpose. Using following circuit you can boost frequencies below 60Hz.

Stereo Bass Booster circuit
Stereo Bass Booster TL074 Schematic
Stereo Bass Booster TL074 Schematic

This circuit is an active circuit and used TL074, which include separate four op-amps. Alternatively, you can use any general-purpose op amp such as LM324, TL084, etc. This circuit is not only a bass booster it also include a simple mixer circuit. U1A and U1D are act as mixer, U1B and U1C for the base boosting. I design this circuit for electronic switching. Therefor I used two transistors for it. To enable bass boost connect ‘ubb’ to positive supply. You can use normal switch for it. In addition, it is possible to enable bass boost by applying voltage signal to ‘ubb’, which come from a micro-controller or any other source. This circuit can operate in either single supply or dual power supply.

For single power supply

    Omit C20 and C21.
    Connect positive supply to VDD and Ground (0v) to GND or VAA.
    Max Supply voltage is 12v.

For dual power supply

    Remove J3 (jumper), C15, R19 and R20.
    Add jumper (0 Ohms) for R20 it.
    Connect positive supply to VDD, negative for VAA and Ground (0v) to GND.
    Max Supply voltage is +/-12v.

Please ignore the U2, R21, C16, C18 and P1. Those are not necessary for the operation of this circuit. These parts are optional because that this circuit and PCB were designed for my personal project.

Now connect output of this circuit with amplifier input and give your input to the mixer side. This circuit is ideal for high quality sound. If you want that unique clean high-bass sound then this circuit can provide it.

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Schematic and PCB files were added to the download and you can download from this site Stereo Bass Booster.

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