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TL072 Subwoofer Filter Circuit

The circuit below is a circuit to filter out low tone subwoofer . Subwoofer filter using IC op-amp TL072 to enhancing bass amplifier. Audio input is processing on IC TL072 , this circuit need voltage supply about 5 - 15 Volt.
TL072 Subwoofer Filter Circuit
Improving Performance Bass Tone for best result audio subwoofer system. See also Bass Booster TL072 or Mega Bass with IC TL072

3 comments for "TL072 Subwoofer Filter Circuit"

  1. ola Wahyu, please make circuit low pass filter Tl072/Ne5532/ne4558, just DC 15volt.
    non CT, thanks before

    1. okay i have updated it . low pasd filter with 0 15v dc.

  2. Hi Wahyu,

    I am not very good in electronics. I just know how to place the components on board. Could you please specify any subwoofer filter circuit which can be battery operated. That is by directly connecting to + and - of the DC battery supply?
    Thank you