Wednesday, March 23, 2016

TL072 Subwoofer Filter Circuit

The circuit below is a circuit to filter out low tone subwoofer . Subwoofer filter using IC op-amp TL072 to enhancing bass amplifier. Audio input is processing on IC TL072 , this circuit need voltage supply about 5 - 15 Volt.
TL072 Subwoofer Filter Circuit
Improving Performance Bass Tone for best result audio subwoofer system. See also Bass Booster TL072 or Mega Bass with IC TL072


  1. ola Wahyu, please make circuit low pass filter Tl072/Ne5532/ne4558, just DC 15volt.
    non CT, thanks before

    1. okay i have updated it . low pasd filter with 0 15v dc.

  2. Hi Wahyu,

    I am not very good in electronics. I just know how to place the components on board. Could you please specify any subwoofer filter circuit which can be battery operated. That is by directly connecting to + and - of the DC battery supply?
    Thank you


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