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800W High Power Amplifier Circuit

For those of you who like electronics especially DIY'ers audio power amplifier, the power circuit that I share this is perfect for you. The following power amplifier circuits have very important parts in building a power amplifier with an OCL system. This amplifier has an output power of up to 800W RMS with a minimum voltage supply of 55VDC - 75VDC, The final transistor using 2SC2922 and 2SA1943 circuit scheme, and PCB Layout also to facilitate the assembly I share below.

Schematic Diagram:
800W High Power Amplifier

PCB Layout Design:
PCB Layout Power Amplifier 800W

2 comments for "800W High Power Amplifier Circuit"

  1. 800w rms?
    With jutst 4 transistor ??
    How its posible ?
    Its a AB clasic amplifier

  2. Muito bom o amplificador parabéns ao inventores muito bom