Monday, September 05, 2016

Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit

This Subwoofer amplifier circuit use IC TDA1004A to main operation .IC is very nice and durable if used properly and correctly, by the way supply the correct voltage , don't supply more than voltage 20 volts, because it can damage the IC. This circuit suitable for subwoofer speakers, but this amplifier  is mono. By adding subwoofer pre-amp for enhanching subwoofer performance visit here Subwoofer Booster circuit or Suwoofer modul 4558 and dont forget to set subwoofer speaker box with this Bandpass subwoofer speaker
See schematic and troubleshooting below :

Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit

If the circuit above not working , posible cause is on :
  • Supply voltage.
  • IC Damaged or installation inverted.
  • Component damaged .
  • Installation components inverted.
  • Line break PCB.
  • Input not connected or input connect to ground.
  • Output speaker not connected.

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