Monday, May 22, 2017

2800W High Power Amplifier Circuit [Updated!]

Mono high power amplifier circuit is actually powerful, output about 1400 W, but if this high power amplifier circuit is doubled and you want to create stereo power amplifier, this high power amplifier circuit the necessary components and PCB requires two-fold. So if the stereo high power amplifier 2 X 1400W Power Output ( 2800W ).

Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram is still less by looking at the circuit that was so below, the finished circuit has been added with gains, using two JRC4558 IC  the picture IC where it can be seen below. For circuit buffers, drivers, and booster use multiple transistors and other components (can be seen listed component). And high power amplifier project that is so below is just part of the buffer and driver while the booster has not been made. For additional transistors in the booster or high power amplifier, end scheme can be found Booster output power amplifier. For bass booster using this circuit:
New High Power Amplifier Circuit:

High Power Amplifier PA schematic diagram:
High power amplifier PA schematic diagram, edit your own ideas with proteus software.
2800W high power audio amplifier circuit diagram
2800W power amplifier cicuit diagram
Part List :

R21____47Ω 2W
R27____500-1KΩ Trim
R31____22Ω 1W
R32____5Ω6 2W
R36____22Ω 2W
R39____47Ω 2W
R40____5Ω6 2W
R46____0.22Ω 5W
R47____0.22Ω 5W
R48____0.22Ω 5W
R49____0.22Ω 5W
R50____10Ω 5W

C3_____0.1цF 250-275V
C4_____0.1цF 250-275VC5_____100nF
C6_____100цF 50V
C11____47nF 250-275V
C12____220nF 250-275V

T2_____2N5551 / C2240
T3_____2N5551 / C2240
T4_____2N5551 / C2240
T5_____2N5551 / C2240
T6_____2N5401 / BF423
T7_____2N5401 / BF423
T8_____2N5401 / BF423
T9_____2N5401 / BF423
T18____2SC2922 / MJ15024G
T19____2SC2922 / MJ15024G
T20____2SA1216 / MJ15025G
T21____2SA1216 / MJ15025G

2800W power amplifier circuit

2 x 1400W high power amplifier
Installation with booster

high power amplifier 1400W

Layout PCB high power amplifier [Edited Version]
Password RAR:
File is using to edit schematic and making Layout PCB by using Proteus Software

Other high power amplifier circuit: 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

LM723 Adjustable Power Supply with Over-Current Protection

DIY Adjustable power supply circuit using LM723

Make a power supply circuit using IC LM723 adjustable regulator is very nice to use the power supply that requires a large voltage-ampere. Power supply circuit has a DC output voltage that can be regulated output from 0V up to 35V and it also depends on the input voltage. For output currents ranging from 2.5 Amperes to 10 Amperes. This circuit is also equipped with over-current protection, where there are LED indicators that work when the power supply has a high current surge then the led will light up. These LED lights can we indicated that the required voltage on the electronic components is quite high. Let's try to make it, here I present the circuit along with PCB layout and also video tested using transformer 10A output 27VAC.

The Circuit Diagram:
LM723 Adjustable power supply circuit with over current protection indicator
At the circuit above power supply circuit is using IC LM723 and the over current protection as labeled "LED OVERLOAD" which is controlled by the transistor B560 / BD140. And also there are some components driving the transistor A671 to the equation that can be used in addition to A671 that TIP42 / TIP32. And the last transistor for booster current is 2N3055 / TIP3055 / TIP35C, you can also parallel it to raise the voltage current, as above diagram with label "X" and "Y". For booster current transistor I use TIP35C for its datasheet you can see in the google search.

PCB Layout Design:
PCB Layout Adjustable power supply LM723

The Transistor:
TIP35C TIP32 BD140

IC LM723:
LM723 IC

Video Tested Adjustable DC Power Supply using IC LM723 with Over-Current Protection 

Yesterday I am successfully making the booster current using 6x TIP35C. And also making the power supply box, using wood and some acrylic. And the aluminum plate as box also as heatsinks the transistor.  Below the parts and wiring diagram:

10 Ampere adjustable power supply

Wiring diagram power supply circuit

transistor current booster wiring diagram

Already power supply circuit

Monday, May 08, 2017

Dynamic Noise Reduction Circuit

Noise Damper Function to dampen excessive noise on a circuit of audio you have as power and also an additional circuit for tone control or equalizer you have, you can test it by adding a circuit that is quite simple and can you make your own with ease. Below the schematic diagram of Dynamic Noise Reduction using IC uA741 and BC550:
Circuit Diagram
Dynamic Noise Reduction Circuit Diagram 741, TL074, 4558

See also interesting circuit:

The circuit above is using IC 741 op-amp, for based noise reduction. Noise reduction it can be used for power amplifier hum, car power amplifier storing, or car power amplifier engine noise. If you want to make it easier, in this post of Dynamic Noise Reduction circuit also share the PCB Routing or PCB Layout Design, below the PCB Layout Design:

PCB Design
PCB Layout Design Dynamic Noise Reduction uA741

Elcircuit Project Audio Nose filter
From this Dynamic Noise Reduction circuit, it can also use for car audio noise filter. On car audio, it can be filtering the noise from the engine feedback. If you use this noise filter you must be set before you can hear the audio. Because this audio noise filter can be mute the audio. Below the project and wiring circuit:
Dynamic Audio Noise Reduction DIY

Soldering Part of Audio Noise Filter

Already tested audio noise filter

Wiring Circuit Audio Noise Filter

Wiring and tested Dynamic Noise Reduction Circuit

1600W High Power Amplifier Circuit complete PCB Layout

DIY Amazing High Power Amplifier circuit 1600W

This power amplifier circuit is a 1600W at 8 Ohm mono circuit that uses transistors as an amplifier.  Almost same with 2800W high power amplifier circuit, For stereo power amplifier circuit, you can use this circuit 2x and will issue a power of 3200W. Let us first see the circuit schematic below.

1600W High Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram

1600W High Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram

In the buffer circuit coupled with op-amp ic 4558, supplied 15VDC voltage, circuit power supply you can see in the picture is flavored transistor D313 and B507. Driver circuit using transistor MJE340 MJE350.  For use transformer, it's using one transformer by one circuit mono. CT of the transformer is not connected to the ground, will be a short-circuit. Due to this 1600W power amplifier circuit just use a plus and minus voltage only.

PCB LAYOUT for 1600W high power amplifier circuit
 PCB LAYOUT for 1600W high power amplifier circuit

PCB layout 1600W power amplifier

DIY 1600W High Power Amplifier Project by Guest elcircuit Facebook Fanpage: Junjun Mojendar

Power Amplifier Circuit Unfinished

1600W High Power Amplifier Circuit

high power amplifier circuit

1600W power amplifier

1600W power amplifier circuit

diy high power amplifier circuit

Video Test 1600W Power Amplifier Circuit:

The Power amplifier using final transistor 2SA1943 and 2SC5200 12 Set, for more powerful output amplifier using an original transistor. You can see the PCB Layout transistor as many as 12 sets by channel (Mono Amplifier) in order to issue a power of 1600W or 1,6kW at supply voltage 65VDC.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

10A LM317 Adjustable Power Supply and Current Booster

LM317 TIP36C

We make one of Power Supply Circuit using LM317 as an adjustable regulating power supply and make the TIP36C as a current booster about 10Ampere. Below the circuit and the component with PCB Layout design.

LM317 Adjustable Power Supply and Current Booster Circuit Diagram:

LM317 Adjustable Power Supply and Current Booster

 LM317 Pinout diagram:

LM317 Pinout Diagram

PCB Layout Design LM317 Adjustable Power Supply and Current Booster:
PCB Layout Design LM317 Adjustable Power Supply and Current Booster

LM317 Current Booster

LM317 Power Supply Circuit

Already Tested LM317 Adjustable Power Supply and Current Booster:

Power Supply Regulator Adjustable

Sunday, April 30, 2017

New Filter Subwoofer Circuit

If the audio device has a bass tone quality that is less kick, to overcome that is by adding an active subwoofer/crossover filter subwoofer so that the tone other than the low frequency will not pass to the power amplifier and the sound coming out of the speaker bass tone will be more enhanced.

The Filter Subwoofer New and Simple Kit Design
Good Quality low pass filter subwoofer

This circuit uses the main component of IC 4558, this IC can be easily found in electronic component supply store, this IC can also be used as circuit tone control as an op-amp. Below the schematic diagram filter subwoofer and PCB Layout design for easy to make it.

filter subwoofer circuit diagram
The input source can from a stereo signal, and output subwoofer is mono. Input terminal on J3 Connector and the Output on J1 Connector. 

For Power supply circuit you can use symmetrical power supply ( CT ) at a 15VDC Maximum voltage and 12VDC Minimum voltage. The connector power supply on J2.

For you DIY'ers we as elcircuit share the PCB Layout design to make it easier, and this filter subwoofer is tested.

PCB Design
PCB Layout Subwoofer

Layout Subwoofer

Turbo Bass or Bass Booster Circuit

This a Turbo Bass Circuit that used single IC LM324 based op-amp amplifying low signal input-output. By using IC LM324 have two op-amps as two part. The first part as U1 in circuit diagram is used to buffer the audio input signal and the signal will be filtered by the second part as U2. Which the second filter can give more bass and eliminate the High-Frequency signal. So this circuit very matched for Bass Power Amplifier or Subwoofer Amplifier. See the Turbo Bass circuit using IC LM324 below:
Turbo Bass Circuit Diagram

At the schematic circuit above is include the symmetrical Power Supply circuit, you just need AC Voltage Input 12V - 15V AC. It's so simple and easy to make, not only the schematic diagram, below you can see the PCB Layout design for making Turbo Bass Circuit.

Turbo Bass PCB Layout Design

Turbo Bass PCB and Component Placement Design
If you want the other LM324 circuit you can see this 3 Channel Equalizer LM324Tone Control Circuit LM324. Good Luck DIY'ers

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Power Supply 220VAC to 12VDC 8A from SMPS KIT

For DIY Power Supply Circuit from 220VAC to 12VDC 8A current using a KIT Switching Mode Power Supply, it is very simple no need transformer which takes a lot of space. Below the kit of SMPS 220V to 12V AC to DC Step Down.

Switching mode power supply 12V 8A

Power Supply Switching 220VAC to 12VDC

The circuit SMPS is very simple using an SMD components but the power supply output has 8 Ampere Current output at 12VDC. Here I will make a box for this SMPS, also add additional parts for the voltmeter, and output power supply voltage connector.For the box, I use wood and acrylic to cover the top. Here is the material.

Make simple power supply circuit

part to make simple power supply circuit

I use wood for the box that I have cut in such a way as the picture above and also the acrylic. Then also make two holes the acrylic part for the output terminal. And here is a circuit of ready-made power supply ready to use.
power supply switching 12VDC

I tried to test this 12VDC 8a power supply circuit to power 2 LED 10L LED and the result is very bright and stable the light is no ripple voltage. The original voltage is 12.1VDC after used to turn on only 0.1V.
220V to 12V AC to DC switching mode power supply