Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Power Supply 220VAC to 12VDC 8A from SMPS KIT

For DIY Power Supply Circuit from 220VAC to 12VDC 8A current using a KIT Switching Mode Power Supply, it is very simple no need transformer which takes a lot of space. Below the kit of SMPS 220V to 12V AC to DC Step Down.

Switching mode power supply 12V 8A

Power Supply Switching 220VAC to 12VDC

The circuit SMPS is very simple using an SMD components but the power supply output has 8 Ampere Current output at 12VDC. Here I will make a box for this SMPS, also add additional parts for the voltmeter, and output power supply voltage connector.For the box, I use wood and acrylic to cover the top. Here is the material.

Make simple power supply circuit

part to make simple power supply circuit

I use wood for the box that I have cut in such a way as the picture above and also the acrylic. Then also make two holes the acrylic part for the output terminal. And here is a circuit of ready-made power supply ready to use.
power supply switching 12VDC

I tried to test this 12VDC 8a power supply circuit to power 2 LED 10L LED and the result is very bright and stable the light is no ripple voltage. The original voltage is 12.1VDC after used to turn on only 0.1V.
220V to 12V AC to DC switching mode power supply

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Audio Processor Circuit TL074

This is Audio processor circuit using IC TL074 as the main processing signal audio from output media player is processed by this audio processor and deliver into power amplifier circuit.

Why using this Audio Processor circuit?
The Audio Processor is a very good performance to setting your audio room into live sound or 3D sound output. So your audio more softly, and more enhanced treble and middle tones.

This Circuit Schematic of Audio Processor using IC TL074.

Audio Processor Circuit using IC TL074

Sunday, March 19, 2017

DIY Power Amplifier Project 600W BTL + Tone Subwoofer

Transistor C5200 A1943 Power AmplifierThis DIY project making the circuit about power amplifier or high power amplifier by using final transistor Sanken A1216 / C2922, with power amplifier construction BTL, bridge stereo to mono amplifier it has output power amplifier about 600 Watt RMS. This power amplifier I make complete with tone control + Subwoofer filter 4558 and with music mp3 player. See below step by step making this 600W Power Amplifier BTL.

Below circuit power amplifier 600W Power Amplifier BTL600W Power Amplifier BTL Circuit Diagram

PCB Layout Design 600W Power Amplifier BTL
PCB layout Design Power Amplifier CircuitPCB layout DEsign 600W Power Amplifier Circuit

 Below the circuit schematic Tone control + Subwoofer:
Stereo Tone Control with Subwoofer Filter Circuit

PCB Layout Design Tone Control + Subwoofer
PCB layout Design Stereo tone control Stereo tone control pcb layout

Let's make the power amplifier into your home audio, this the component that you need.

DIY Making power amplifier

For first you can assembly the power amplifier circuit if it already finished you can make the tone control or power supply circuit.
Making power amplifier circuitAssembled making power amplifier 600W

DIY 600W power amplifier circuit

Making the tone control circuit
\making tone control circuit + subwoofer filterCompleted making tone control circuit

Power Supply Circuit for power amplifier I use the 10A transformer output Voltage is using 20V for first trying the circuit, and finally in using 25VAC and the DC output about 30VDC.
Power Supply circuit for power amplfiier project DIY

Making the Power Amplifier Box with Mp3 Player.
Making the Box Power Amplifier Complete

Finished DIY 600W Power Amplifier BTL + Tone Subwoofer + Mp3 Player
Finished power amplifier project DIY

[VIDEO TESTED] 600W Power Amplifier BTL + Tone Subwoofer

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

500W Power Amplifier 2SC2922, 2SA1216 with PCB Layout Design

This is high power amplifier has Output power about 500 Watt with the compatible voltage supply is under 63 Volt or same. If this amplifier operated the transistor output recommended to be placed on the good heatsink. Because, the transistor will be hot. Transistor Output using SANKEN 2SC2922 and 2SA1216. This amplifier is mono circuit if you want to stereo you can multiple it, and the power output is about 1000Watts. Below describe the Circuit Diagram of 500W Power Amplifier:
500W Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Could you repeat that? can occur made to add to offered audio power amplifier? The answer is either decrease load impedance otherwise increase supply voltage.Drop the impedance, the extra current is wanted, making the construction of low impedance output stages another testing (at hand are selected other matter-of-fact limits), so consent to's increase supply voltage.

Sanken Transistor 2SC2922 [NPN] and 2SA1216 [PNP]

Sanken Transistor 2SC2922 [NPN] and 2SA1216 [PNP]

Components/parts list : 
R1,R11  47K
R2,R3 33K
R4 1K5
R5,R7 2K2
R6,R8 100R
R9,R10 56R
R12 820R
R13 10R/5W

C1 220nF
C2,C3,C4 100uF/100V
C5,C6 100pF
C7 100nF/100V

D1,D2 IN4002

TR1,TR2 D438
TR3,TR4 B560
TR5,TR8 A958
TR6,TR7 C2168
TR9,TR10 2SC2922
TR11,TR12 2SA1216

Layout PCB 500W Power Amplifier but you must change the transistor for more powerful output.

Layout PCB 500W power Amplifier

PCB Layout 500W Power AMplifier

500w power amplifier

500W Power Amplifier using 2SC2922, 2SA1216

Assembled 500W Power Amplifier with 2SC2922, 2SA1216
Assembled 500W Power Amplifier with 2SC2922, 2SA1216

600W Audio Amplifier Circuit with 2SC5200 2SA1943 and PCB

600W Audio Amplifier Circuit with +85V 8Ohms

This amplifier power spec is 600W with stereo system. with this power amplifier 600w you can use it for amplifying your audio for home or public amplifier. This circuit is matched for power amplifier home and public audio. But also you can use for car audio. 

I’m say a fanatic audio amplifier circuit with completely sound and popular using transistor 2SC5200 2SA1943 This circuit take high quality electronic components with pair power amp good function and PCB has not bug.

Managing heat of transistor power with light heatsink that guarantee is not over heat.

600W Audio Amplifier Circuit with  2SC5200 2SA1943
By using heatsink on final transistor amplifier it useful, because the power amplifier on final transistor is very hot on high performance, so the heatsink is to reduce hot on final transistor. You can use allumunium plate for heatsink. 

 Technical information
1.Input section responsibility =1.43 RMS
2.Power of amplifier = 600+600W at 85Volt
3.Input Impedance 85000 ohms.
4.THD less than 0.008% at 20 Watts 1000Hz
5.Frequency responsibility 0.3dB at 20Hz and 20KHz
6.Hum and noise less then 177dB 120Hz-20KHz

 Sure!,We have provide schematic,PCB and electronic part list for your build it.
600W Audio Amplifier Circuit with  2SC5200 2SA1943

On schematic above is describe the 600 Watt power amplifier circuit and the voltage input source is about 85VDC. 

Below the PCB Layout design for it amplifier.
 Click On Image And Zoom
600W Audio Amplifier Circuit with  2SC5200 2SA1943

And Picture below is electronic part list of this circuit
600W Audio Amplifier Circuit with  2SC5200 2SA1943

See other high power amplifier you can made it. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Subwoofer booster circuit with PCB Layout

Subwoofer booster circuit is used to enhancing or boosting or increase the subwoofer amplifier, but it also can improve the quality of the bass sound on an amplifier or High Power Amplifier. Subwoofer booster circuit/bass enhancer circuit based on the IC 4558 and TL074 or commonly known as IC op-amp, it's suitable to be a boosting in subwoofer system, which together with some components.

Subwoofer booster circuit
Subwoofer booster circuit
Part List Subwoofer booster circuit:
R1=22K, R2=100K, R3=220R, R4=220R, R5=220R, R6=10K, R7=4K7, R8=1K, R9=20KTrim, R10=150K, R11=22K, R12=20K Trim, R13=4K7, R14=2K2, R15=220R, R16=220R, R17=180K, R18=22K, C1=4u7/25V, C2=10uF/25V, C3=220uF/25V, C4=220uF/25V, C5=1n2, C6=47n, C7=47n, C8=100n, C9=100n, C10=4u7/25V, C11=330uF/25V, C12=330uF/25V, IC1=JRC4558, IC2=TL074

    For this subwoofer booster/enhancer circuit using voltage of 12 V +, 12V -, and ground. To be in accordance with the power of the speakers and amplifiers, the Subwoofer booster circuit/subwoofer enhancer is also equipped with a subwoofer volume setting on the R9 and R12 use 20 K ohm trim. Issued a circuit of subwoofer output is quite high, making it suitable for some speakers.

    Updated Circuit and PCB Layout Subwoofer Booster using 4558 and TL072:

    subwoofer using ic 4558 tl072

    PCB Layout subwoofer booster 4558 tl072

    Layout Subwoofer BoosterPCB Subwoofer Booster

    You can use this subwoofer audio amplifier:

    Luck for your Audio System

    Sunday, March 12, 2017

    Power Audio amplifier 2. 1 (2 Front + 1 Subwoofer)

    How To Make Power Audio amplifier  2. 1 (2 Front + 1 Subwoofer) , Power Audio amplifier 2. 1 is a circuit schematic of active speakers that can be used to amplify the voice signal from a single source ( PC, MP3 Player or Phone). Power Audio amplifier circuit schematic 2. 1 (2 Front + 1 Subwoofer) that has two channel outputs / output front speakers and 1 subwoofer speaker unit.

    Power Audio amplifier circuit schematic 2. 1 are built wearing power audio amplifier IC TDA1521 for all its channels. The output power which could be obtained from the Scheme of Power Audio amplifier circuit 2. 1 (2 Front + 1 Subwoofer) is 24 Watt stereo for front chanel and 24 Watts for the subwoofer channel. Power Audio amplifier 2. 1 (2 Front + 1 Subwoofer) can be used in the area of the room or work area as a signal amplifier that hifi quality sound.

    To make the Power Audio amplifier 2. 1 (2 Front + 1 Subwoofer) can be listened are circuit schematic drawings with supporting components on a circuit schematic drawings below.

    Power Audio amplifier  2. 1 (2 Front + 1 Subwoofer) Circuit Diagram
    Power Audio amplifier  2. 1 (2 Front + 1 Subwoofer)

    Front Stereo Audio amplifier

    Audio amplifier circuit schematic role is to amplify the sound signal for a stereo channel front. Scheme audio amplifier circuit comprising the two sides of the front of the mouth in the wake amplifier IC TL072 wearing. 4558 & audio power amplifier circuit schematic that in the wake wearing as power IC TDA1521 stereo amplifeir.

    Subwoofer Audio amplifier 

    Subwoofer audio amplifier circuit schematic role is to amplify the sound signal sounds super bass (subwoofer). are circuit scheme is divided into two sides of the low-noise filter (super bass) who in the wake of the second unit in the operational amplifier IC TL072 / RC4558 ( or you can using this circuit Subwoofer Booster 4558 ) and hand power audio amplifier with TDA1521 IC which are configured by bridge to drive the subwoofer speaker.

    Subwoofer Home Theater Power Amplifier

    Subwoofer Home Theater 150W version
    Subwoofer Home Theater 150W

    Subwoofer Home Theater Amplifier circuit is designed for subwoofer speaker system that used on Subwoofer system. This circuit using IC LM324 as a based filtering subwoofer signal input and as a buffer its power amplifier. See the circuit diagram below.

    Subwoofer Home Theater Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram

    On the circuit subwoofer home theater above, I mentioned earlier IC LM324 as a filtered subwoofer and buffer circuit amplifier. For enhancing subwoofer performance you can be adding Subwoofer Booster Circuit 4558 and adding more Final Transistor Amplifier TIP3055 and TIP2955.  

    The subwoofer amplifier circuit is a complete power supply, bridge diode, and Capacitor filter. Voltage Supply about 25V AC from Transformer step down with rating minimal 3 Ampere. Output Power About 100W.

    For DIY'ers making Subwoofer Home Theater easier, follow this Layout PCB design.

    PCB layout Home Theater Power AmplifierLayout Design for Subwoofer Home Theater Power Amplifier

    Subwoofer Home Theater 150W circuit diagram:
    Schematic Diagram of Subwoofer Home Theater Circuit
    Subwoofer Home Theater Layout PCBSubwoofer Home Theater Layout PCBComponent and PCB for Subwoofer Home Theater

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    Saturday, March 11, 2017

    Power Amplifier 450W Mono

    I have a Project making home audio and karaoke, I could order for audio by using one 12 inch Full range speakers and one subwoofer speaker 12 inch. im using this Power Amplifier 450W Mono Circuit is matched for my previous project Tone Control C828 + Sub and Mic Pre amp 4558. See Circuit schematic power amplifier 450W :

    Power Amplifier 450W Mono

    List of components you can see in the picture, for my power supply voltage using asymmetric 35Vdc, transformer 5a brands ERA 1 piece diode bridge, and two capacitors 10000uF / 50V.

    Power Amplifier Instalation 

    High power amplifier driver instalation

    In the existing circuit on the PCB is a circuit of drivers, and for the final transistor I put in the cooler parts of alumuninum. Final tansistor im using TIP3055 and TIP2955 you can upgrade to Sanken 2SC2922 / 2SA1216 , driver TIP41 and TIP42. This 450W Power Amplifier namely Power Sapari.