Monday, October 23, 2017

Stereo Gainclone Power Amplifier LM1875

This is a stereo power amplifier Gainclone LM1875, a lot of people are interested in this Gainclone power amplifier, one of my own. There are also many who modify this power amplifier to be more powerful and also pleasant to hear and demand among various audiophile circles.

Some projects are also available that make this Gainclone power amplifier for home theater 5.1 channel audio project, usually combined with LM3886 Gainclone power amplifier as a power amplifier for subwoofer speakers. For the Power LM3886 circuit, you can see this link: 200W LM3886 Gainclone Amplifier & Parallel Gainclone amplifier LM3886.

Below is the scheme of LM1875 stereo Gainclone power amplifier circuit:
Stereo Gainclone Power Amplifier LM1875
Components List:
R1,R6= 1M
R2,R10= 22K
R3, R8= 1K
R4, R6= 20K
R5, R7= 1R/3Watt

C1,C11= 2u2F Audio Grade Capacitor
C2,C12= 22uF 50V
C3,C4,C8,C10= 100N MkP
C5,C10= 220N Decoupling Ceramic Disc
C6,C7,C13,C14= 100uF 50V

U1,U2= LM1875, LM1875T

Power Supply= 35V DC Symmetrical
Pin 5 LM1875= +35V
Pin 3 LM1875= -35V

Output Power= 2x 20W RMS 8Ohm Load
Stereo PCB Layout Design Gainclone Power Amplifier LM1875:
PCB Stereo Gainclone Power Amplifier LM1875
Good Luck

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

OCL Power Amplifier 50Watt

Power amplifier circuit with PCB and component list about 50W OCL Power Amplifier
OCL Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Power Amplifier OCL 50 Watt is a power amplifier that is now very popular and widely used for audio in homes. Besides the price is relatively affordable, the sound quality was arguably tolerable for audio lovers. We will share a little about the circuit and component list that is in Power Power Amplifier OCL 50 Watt.

Circuit Diagram:
OCL 50W Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram
Components list:


D1=9V Zener


Power Supply: 35V DC Symmetrical
Output Power: 50Watt RMS

PCB Layout Design
PCB Power Amplifier 50W

Power Amplifier PCB Design Layout OCL 50W

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Parallel Gainclone Power Amplifier LM3886

Paralleling Gainclone Power Amplifier LM3886
For you audio enthusiasts, it is not unfamiliar with this LM3886 IC. This IC is very popular by various DIY audio circles because this amplifier has a small distortion, very small. Also called Gainclone Amplifier, which is very similar to the performance with Amplifier Tubes. And it is also suitable for controlling speaker subwoofer let alone combined with Power Amplifier Circuit using IC LM1875, is perfect for your home theater audio usage. See also: Stereo Gainclone Power Amplifier LM1875

The basic circuit power amplifier uses one IC LM3886
Power Amplifier Gainclone
PCB Power Amplifier LM3886
Gainclone Power Amplifier LM3886 Circuit

IC LM3886 which can power up to 135W Instantaneous Peak Output Power Capability. And 68W Continuously, if supplied with 35V DC voltage.

For the purpose of subwoofer then also require power which is also not small. So here I will share the LM3886 parallel circuit to increase the power of this Power Gainclone. Here's the circuit scheme and also the PCB Layout:
Circuit Diagram of Parallel LM3886
Component Lists:
R5=0,22R 3W
R10=0,22R 3W
R11=2K2 1W


U1=LM3886/ LM3886TF
U2=LM3886/ LM3886TF

You can use more LM3886 by multiplying the circuit diagram.

PCB Gainclone amplifier

PCB Layout LM3886 Power AMplifier Parallel

Prallel Gainclone LM3886

LM3886 Gainclone Power Amplifier

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Active Crossover Circuit uses LM741

An active crossover circuit will certainly produce better sound quality than the passive type, the LM741 IC used in the audio circuit this time is quite easy to get to be used as a crossover that will be forwarded to the power amplifier. Crossover on the amplifier, there are two types of crossover that is, active crossover and passive crossover. Each crossover has advantages and disadvantages depending on the needs of each. While on the crossover circuit that I share here is an active crossover circuit using IC LM741 which is none other than single op-amp IC.

Active crossovers will certainly provide better quality for your Hi-fi system that intends to upgrade the sound quality. The workings of this active crossover simply by breaking the audio input signal into 4 bands, low frequency, medium frequency, high frequency and subwoofer frequency. The circuit can be activated using double supply +15 / -15 V DC.Below the schematic diagram of active crossover circuit.
Active Crossover circuit uses LM741

There are some things that need to be considered in making this active crossover circuit:
  • Be sure to use a good type of PCB, try fiber type. (PCB Layout design already exists)
  • Power supply for the op-amp should be noted that is + 15 / -15 V DC
  • Use socket for IC LM741
  • Resistors and capacitors can be replaced to produce different frequency amplifiers.
LM741 IC Pin Out Diagram

LM741 IC Pinout Digram

PCB Layout Design Stereo Active Crossover + Power Supply
Stereo Active Crossover PCB LM741

Sunday, October 08, 2017

800W High Power Amplifier Circuit

For those of you who like electronics especially DIY'ers audio power amplifier, the power circuit that I share this is perfect for you. The following power amplifier circuits have very important parts in building a power amplifier with an OCL system. This amplifier has an output power of up to 800W RMS with a minimum voltage supply of 55VDC - 75VDC, The final transistor using 2SC2922 and 2SA1943 circuit scheme, and PCB Layout also to facilitate the assembly I share below.

Schematic Diagram:
800W High Power Amplifier

PCB Layout Design:
PCB Layout Power Amplifier 800W

Thursday, October 05, 2017

140W Power Amplifier Circuit TIP3055 TIP2955

Power Amplifier 140W Circuit TIP2955 TIP3055

Here I am going to share the Power Amplifier circuit which uses the TIP3055 and TIP2955 transistor as the final power amplifier with power output up to 140W RMS. This power circuit is designed mini and very simple, the buffer part using single IC op-amp used is IC ua741 or LM741, then in the driver circuit using transistor TIP41 and TIP42 or TIP31 and TIP32. And the final transistor I've mentioned using TIP3055 and TIP2955 transistors, or you can upgrade by adding some transistors or also replace with higher output power, for example using 2SC5200 and 2SA1943. This circuit can be supplied with the symmetrical 45V voltage, following power circuit scheme and also PCB Layout: 

Schematic Diagram:
140W RMS Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram
Part List:
R1=100K R2=1k R3=1K R4=15K R5=15K R6=1K R7=47R R8=47R R9=47R R10=470R R11=470R R12=47R R13=0,22 - 0,5R/5W R14=0,22 - 0,5R/5W R15=56K
C1=220N C2=100u/25V C3=220u/25V C4=220u/25V C5=33p C6=22p
U1=LM741 / UA741
Q1=TIP41 Q2=TIP42 Q3=TIP2955/2N2955 Q4=TIP3055/2N3055

- If the power amplifier is not working you must check the input voltage.
- Output speaker has DC voltage and Humming, please adjust the trimmer RV1 until the DC Voltage is it doesn't come out.

PCB Layout:
PCB Layout Power Amplifier 140W RMS

140W Power Amplfier How to make it

Already tested 140W Power Amplifier Circuit by using TIP2955 and TIP3055:
Already tested 140W Power Amplifier circuit

Friday, September 22, 2017

Power Amplifier Class-D Fullbridge D2K 2000Watts

This is high power amplifier circuit with Class-D system fullbridge which has a power output up to 2000W RMS with the voltage about 90VDC Symmetrical Power Supply (Recomended using Switching Mode Power Supply). Audio Class D amplifier is basically a switching-amplifier or Pulse Width Modulation-Amplifier. A class D audio amplifier has 90% efficiency when the speaker is loaded. While theoretically the Class D audio amplifier has an ideal efficiency of 100%. This Class-D Fullbridge Power Amplifier schematic is originally designed by Mr.Kartino Surodipo. Below the schematic circuit design and PCB Layout Power Amplifier, if you want the PDF file you can download at the links on attachment.

Schematic Design:
Circuit Schematic of Power Amplifier Class-D Fullbridge D2K 2000Watts
PCB Layout Design:
PCB Power Amplifier D2K

Final Mosfet Transistor N-CHANNEL IRFP4227:
Mosfet IRFP4227 Buy

For the Final Mosfet Transistor you can buy here its TRUSTED by click this link : BUY IRFP4227

Project Power Amplifier Class-D Full Bridge 2000W D2K:
D2K Fullbridge Power Amplifier
Video Tested Power Amplifier By Mr.Kartino Surodipo:

Download PDF Files Schematic and PCB Layout for Larger view: