Tuesday, September 27, 2016

HiFi Audio PreAmp Circuit TL072

A preamplifier (preamp) is an electronic amplifier that prepares a small electrical signal for amplification or further processing. A preamp is often placed close to the sensor to reduce the effects of noise (noise) and interference (radio frequency).HiFi Preamp used to increase the signal strength to drive a cable to the main instrument without significantly lowering the signal-to-noise (SNR).

Noise performance of the preamplifier is very important; based formula Friss, when the gain of the preamplifier high SNR of the final signal is determined by the SNR of the input signal and the noise figure of the preamplifier.

HiFi Audio PreAmp Circuit TL072 Schematic
HiFi Audio PreAmp Circuit TL072 Schematic
Non-Inverting preamp

Basic Component Selection and Functions
  • U1 is the TL072 IC OpAmp is used as a reinforcing component. IC specification is pretty good with low prices and adequate sound quality.
  • FET input type that has an extremely high input impedance.
  • R1 is a bias resistor to the U1. we can actually increase the value of R1 (in order to have a higher impedance) due to very high input impedance U1,
  • but this will also affect noise preamp (so higher).
  • R2 serves as a counterweight between the impedance-ins and + in. Impedance balancing will help lower distortion.
  • Its value is the result of parallel R3 || R4.
  • R3 and R4 is a negative feedback resistor, is used to measure the output signal and determine the strengthening of the value:
  • R4 / R3 + 1, ie 2x or 6dB.
  • If the value of R4 and R3 are too high then the nosie will increase, if the value of R4 and R3 is lower then the noise will be lower, but the load on the U1 will be higher and may cause increased distortion.
  • R5 serves to empty the C2 flows so as to reduce noise "bump" when the connector is connected.
  • R6 serves to prevent oscillation due to the use of the cable sheath is long (more than 2meter).
For creating an amplifier visit link this Power Amplifier Circuit

Headphone Amplifier uses 1 piece TL074 IC

Headphone Amplifier uses 1 piece TL074 IC to drive a headphone. You can use 9V battery to supply amplifier circuit.
So use two pieces of IC for use stereo.
Headphone Amplifier Circuit schematic
Headphone Amplifier uses 1 piece TL074 IC

Theoretically ,this amplifier has a maximum power of 200 mWpeak (100 mWrms) at 32 Ω load.
with a voltage gain of 7,6x (17.6 dB).

Buy a quality headphone philips and using Headphone Amplifier uses 1 piece TL074 IC

Monday, September 26, 2016

Dual Symmetrical Power Supply for Audio Amp

This Dual Symmetrical Power Supply is Perfect for powering up an audio amplifier or crossover filter etc. Power supply circuit just need four rectifier diodes and four electrolytic capacitors. There is also provision for six optional capacitors for reducing RF emissions. All these items are very easy and cheap. Power supply circuit schematic:
Dual Symmetrical Power Supply for Audio Amp
Recommended components:
C5,C6,C7,C8 = 2200uF 50V electrolytic capacitors.
C1,C2,C3,C4, = 100nF 50V ceramic capacitors.
C9,C10 =  10nF 50V capacitors.
D1.D2.D3.D4 = 1N5401 rectifier diodes.

PCB Layout Design Dual Symmetrical Power Supply for Audio Amp
pcb power supply amplifier

kit pcb power supply amplifier
You will need a dual-output transformer, maximum 2 x 25V to power the board. Because mains electricity is involved, we recommend this pcb and components is assembled by qualified DIYers only. Also for your safety, we recommend the PCB and transformer are installed in a secure enclosure. You can use this Power Supply circuit for power amplifier listing here :

Power Amplifier 400 Watt using IC741 and MJ2955/3055

Circuit Power Amplifier using IC741 for buffer stage, and final stage using Transistor MJ2955 and MJ3055 as much 3 set transistor. 

Output power about 400Watt RMS at supply voltage 34VDC assymetric. See circuit schematic power amplifier below :
Circuit schematic Power Amplifier 400 Watt using IC741 and MJ2955/3055
Schematic created on EasyEDA project if you have account EasyEDA
you can see clearly schematic and edit it here.
This power amplifier is simple to make it, you can apply power amp at home audio . Audio in is buffered by ic 741 , as a op-amp ic , but the driver i use it mje340 and mje 350 , in PCB layout using BD139 and BD140 you can change it. For better quality power amplifier ,Capacitor using 50V. Resistor using 1/2 Watt if no labeled. if you want to assemble it you can see this pcb layout power amplifier :
PCB Power Amplifier 400 Watt using IC741 and MJ2955/3055

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Advantages and Disadvantages OF Circuit AMPLIFIER OCL

Advantages and Disadvantages OF AMPLIFIER OCL Circuit
Many people use this type of amplifier because there are many advantages in comparison with amplifiers using IC (Integrated Circuit). But in fact almost the same sound quality, and even the risk of damage greater use OCL amplifier. In the process of assembling an amplifier of this type is very delicate high level if we're wrong little would be fatal for the other components, especially on the power. 

Other disadvantages of this type of amplifier should use sufficient cooling, especially the cooling material should really be able to absorb the heat generated from the transistor and would be better if given additional cooling as the fan mini. To maximize the cooling process should be toward the cooling breezes of the transistor directly so that the transistor is not easily damaged.

Excess amplifier types OCL is the outcome harder to make chest tightness. but it would be even better result if it is supported by means of manufacturing / assembly speaker box.

Besides being supported by a great resonance box, it would be great if supported by quality in good subwoofer. If you want to get the sound to your taste spull speakers you can replace yourself with your own assemblies, but the way the installation is also to be really precise. For those of you who are beginners should have to be careful in the process of assembling amplifier types OCL is because in addition to using three (3) flow, but sometimes tone control using two (2) current that can outwit us at the time of assembly, the more so if you use a transformer double. Another advantage of OCL amplifier manifold greater output and maximum compared to the others. 

Tips for those who are beginners: make sure the flow is properly installed, meticulous in seeing the symbol, not until there is a tool that attaches to cause surge currents, although in seconds the result is fatal and you have to buy a new component, do occasionally using components that have been used because of problems will arise little by little from components that have been used since to check the surge transistor that has been very difficult, it looks still good but because it has the characteristics it will quickly be easily damaged and could result in all the components were damaged.

TDA2030 For Active Speaker Super Bass

For those of you who want to have an active speaker super bass.  Although it is small but can put out powerful bass sound. However, if the financial condition of our rather dry so we try to make ourselves, but do not forget to wear a rule in the manufacture of boxes speaker. Active speaker TDA2030 For Active Speaker Super Bass is indeed small, but the results are amazing.

If only for home theater or home amplifier within the scope of this circuit can make quite a bass voice boomed. For this circuit you can see in the picture below:
TDA2030 For Active Speaker Super Bass

The speakers are used actually wear watt and impedance is small and power amp output is also small, but because it is supported by the rule-making cribs salon is right then the result is quite satisfactory

Guitar power amplifier circuit

This the guitar power amplifier circuit, using a single-rail power supply of about 60V and capacitor-coupling to the speaker (s). The advantage to the guitar amplifier circuit is very simple, even for relatively high power output, and certain built-in loudspeaker protection level, because the capacitor C8, preventing the supply voltage to be delivered to the speaker in terms of output transistors' failures. 
Guitar power amplifier circuit schematic :
Guitar power amplifier circuit schematic

The preamp is powered by a 60V rails same as power amplifier, which makes it possible to apply a two-transistor gain-blocks are able to provide about 20V RMS output. This provides the ability to excessive input is very high.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Power Amplifier Super OCL 500W Circuit

This amplifier Super OCL 500watt rms with a maximum power supply voltage at the load 45vct 2x speakers. PA3600w on par with other assemblies amplifier.

Power Amplifier Super OCL 500W

SOCL 500 Watt

Circuit Schematic Super OCL 500W
SOCL 500 Watt circuit scheamatic

Power Amplifier Using
Inside and outside the room

Power supply ...
Transformer with a current strength of at least half of the nominal voltage, to compensate for a 4 ohm load 2x (4x speakers) such as stereo amplifiers professional standards, eg transformer 40Vct 20Amper. 40vct minimum supply voltage, if rectified would be more than 50vdc, transitor-power transistors will release energy (more life) if disuply with 50Vdc voltage (40vct = vac).

2x 500watt (12 ", 15") per mono block amplifier, speaker total 4 units to 1 stereo amplifier.
It is advisable to use a 500W powered speakers (12 ", 15") as much as possible,
is more effective in improving the gain of using a large speaker> 1.000Watt (18 ", 21") with the least amount.

Tansistor Final ...
Suggested use Sanken series 3 sets.
Too many final transistors without increasing the power supply transformer can weaken the thump of the bass and the sound is less stable, hoarse etc.

Carefully series Sanken many forgeries, for example Sanken 2SC2922-5DY (quality is unstable and does not correspond to the price). Transistor driver must also be original! If there is a problem such as a hoarse result, resistor 300 burning, etc. This may be because the component FALSE.

Resistors and capacitors do not really matter. The problem is electrolytic capacitors, Elko. Sorry average Elko Rubycon / marcon / Nichicon (original) is less suitable to be applied here, because he is more suitable work in the dc current, which is suitable for this is Elko brand nippon Chemicon (not all), and Elko another stable job at audio frequencies /air conditioning.

Almost all the native power amplifier assemblies only 500watt theoretically and practically
on paper and table test, but in the power of music power is transferred to the speaker only a few dozen watts! Proof: cool heatsink / no heat, sound is loud. Adjust the power speakers with a power amplifier used!

Characters and features:

  • Hifi fullrange with bass gain 2 ~ 4 times the usual amplifier. Effective for the production of such bas-class amplifier h & BTL.
  • Speaker leaves more stable, not too advanced and not too far back even if exposed to shocks bass, speakers and power transitror expectations more durable.
  • The values ​​of the components are set such that the power transformer is more efficient. Power transformer is not wasted, not turned into drone / wild signal / oscillation, etc.
  • Sound can travel long distances in the field due to consider the Doppler effect.
  • With the installation of the transformer model 2 below (test 2013), does not make the slightest hp signal when no sms / incoming call even though hp kept above the transformer, is one of the features, amplifier built-up not necessarily.

SOCL version ONSEMI TO-3:
To endure the speakers up to 4 units / ch,
Power Amplifier Super OCL 500W kit

Power Amplifier Super OCL 500W transistor final

Audio Low Pass Filter LM324

This is circuit schematic of audio low pass filter. By using this circuit for audio can  filtering just low output frequency. Based on IC LM324 for filtering audio signal input to low frequency output. Power Supply need 9V up to 15V DC. Using DC Regulated power supply for more effieciency audio filtering and more low noise output.

This is circuit schematic of Audio Low Pass Filter LM324

Audio Low Pass Filter LM324
If you have EasyEDA account visit here https://easyeda.com/editor#id=V9z9OldYB you can see schematic clearly and you can edit it.

Friday, September 23, 2016

1000W Mosfet Power Inverter Circuit

This 1000W Mosfet Power Inverter  motivation provide a very unwavering “settle Wave” Output Voltage. Frequency of process is indomitable by a pot and is normally fix to 60 Hz. Various “rotten the shelf” transformers can be there used. or else Custom wind your own on behalf of top results.

1000W Mosfet Power Inverter  circuit schematic
1000W Mosfet Power Inverter 
Further MosFets can be paralleled for senior power. It is recommended to encompass a “Fuse” appearing in the Power Line and to continually have a “Load connected”, while power is being useful. The Fuse must be situated rated by the side of 32 volts and must be aproximately 10 Amps for each 100 watts of output. The Power leads be required to be extreme sufficient wire to control this prohibitive Current take! appropriate ardor Sinks ought to be used on the RFP50N06 Fets. These Fets are rated on 50 Amps and 60 Volts. Other types of Mosfets can survive substituted if you desire.

here ARE Limitations! I get had numerous desires in favor of an Inverter for 1000 watts and Even supplementary. regretful I Don’t feel this is sound. by 1000 Watts and operating from a 12 Volt Source, the Input Current wish befall close to 100 AMPS. with the intention of would Require a HUGH Size of a Primary Wire.