Friday, September 22, 2017

Power Amplifier Class-D Fullbridge D2K 2000Watts

This is high power amplifier circuit with Class-D system fullbridge which has a power output up to 2000W RMS with the voltage about 90VDC Symmetrical Power Supply (Recomended using Switching Mode Power Supply). Audio Class D amplifier is basically a switching-amplifier or Pulse Width Modulation-Amplifier. Class D audio amplifier has 90% efficiency when the speaker is loaded. While theoretically the Class D audio amplifier has an ideal efficiency of 100%. This Class-D Fullbridge Power Amplifier schematic is originally designed by Mr.Kartino Surodipo. Below the schematic circuit design and PCB Layout Power Amplifier, if you want the PDF file you can download at the links on attachment.

Schematic Design:
Circuit Schematic of Power Amplifier Class-D Fullbridge D2K 2000Watts
PCB Layout Design:
PCB Power Amplifier D2K

Project Power Amplifier Class-D Full Bridge 2000W D2K:
D2K Fullbridge Power Amplifier

Download PDF Files Schematic and PCB Layout for Larger view:

Sunday, September 10, 2017

High Power Mosfet Amplifier IRF540N

1000W Mosfet Power Amplifier
This is my project high power amplifier circuit using MOSFET transistor as main amplifier, but this circuit is still a prototype which later I will make it into a circuit of power amplifiers that are ready to be tested. Previously visit also power amplifier circuit using mosfet listed below.
If you see a list of power amplifiers above, this amplifier is the same system. Unlike the Mosfet amplifier using a D-class amplifier system. In this project, I use the IRF540N transistor for its final amplifier, where this transistor can be voltage current flowing up to 33A and can power up to 130W each transistor. In this amplifier can use as much as 12x MOSFET transistor can be applied up to 1560W maximum. However, by using power supply voltages are qualified. In this power amplifier, I will supply with a voltage of 60V DC with a current rating of 20Ampere, making it possible to spend up to 1000Watt. Large enough if the output power up to 1000 Watt that can drive 15Inch woofer speakers as much as 2 pieces, but must still see the power speakers are used.

Below the schematic of high power MOSFET amplifier IRF540N:

High Power Amplifier Circuit using Mosfet
 PCB Layout Design High Power Mosfet Amplifier IRF540N:
PCB High Power Amplifier
PCB layout design power amplifier mosfet irf540n

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Subwoofer Controller Frequency, Phase, Gain

To create a 2.1 audio system, 5.1 channel home audio or active subwoofer, low pass filter/ Subwoofer controller is required to pass the low frequency and eliminate the high frequency. Because of the low frequencies that spread in all directions, the music recordings are mono low frequency, namely the right and left it's same. So it takes only one subwoofer, this low pass filter circuit should be able to adjust the frequency of the crossover so that the overall response frequency can be flat and can adjust to the frequency response of the subwoofer speakers used. Below the circuit design of subwoofer controller:
Circuit Diagram Subwoofer Controller Frequency, Phase, Gain
Working Principles
U1 A/B NE5532 as a pre-amp which amplifying a voltage of about 3X. Then the output is mixed so it becomes a mono signal. Then the signal goes into U2A NE5532 which functions as a subsonic filter, ie signal with the frequency below 20 Hz is eliminated. Signals with frequencies below 20 Hz can not be heard and often cause damage the subwoofer speaker.

Then signals with frequencies above 300 Hz are discarded by U2B, whose output is fed to a low pass filter whose crossover frequency can be adjusted from 35 Hz to 150 Hz with U3A NE5532. With the U2B, the slope filter becomes sharper. U2B and U3A functioned as a second order Butterworth filter.

The output of the above filter is inputted to a phase regulator whose phase can be adjusted from 0 to 180 degrees. The goal is for subwoofer sound phase like the sound of satellite speakers. Due to the placement of the subwoofer which is often not parallel to the satellite speakers so that the required phase correction.

For making this subwoofer controller easier, I share the PCB layout design for it below:
PCB Layout Design Subwoofer Controller

Frequency, phase gain subwoofer crossover

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Sunday, September 03, 2017

D200 Class-D Power Amplifier for DIY Audio

Power Amplifier D200 is quite good and reliable in its performance has a power output of about 200Watt 8Ohm. Power enough qualified to drive 12-inch subwoofer speakers. And also no less interesting, this power amplifier is perfect for you who just started (beginner) assemble class D power amplifier. By composing, the circuit of Op-Amp TL074 as a comparator circuit. audio signal and triangular wave then driven again by the driver transistor BD139 and BD140. And the final will be processed by the IRF9540 and IRF540 MOSFET transistor. Then the signal is still shaped square wave will be filtered by a low pass filter circuit to become a sine wave. An output will be forwarded to drive the speakers.

Below the full schematic of D200 Class-D Amplifier, simple Class-D Amplifier and suitable for a beginner of Class D Amp Fans DIY Audio.

D200 Class Power Amplifier circuit diagram diy audio
If you need an image more clearly please give me your email I will send it, Leave it on comments box below.

PCB Layout Design D200 Amplifier Class-D diyaudio

PCB Design D200 Class D Amplifier

This Power Amplifier is more efficient than power amplifier conventional. Power supply voltage need for this amplifier about +45VDC GND -45VDC. Use the good power supply or you can use switching power supply for audio that has minimum 10A ratings.

Amplifier Project:
200w power amplifier circuit class D

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Power Amplifier 1500W Class D Titan

This high power amplifier has an output power of up to 1500W at 4Ohm impedance, using a class D power amplifier system, where the power amplifier system is very efficient, the efficiency up to more than 90%, much higher than the class AB power amplifier which reaches 50% Efficiency. As I described in my post class D power amplifier prior to the posting: 200W Class D Amplifier & 900W Class D Amplifier.

Power 1500W Class D requires several components to make the power amplifier and also pay attention to the components available in the market including; IC Comparator using IC TL071, Transistor Level Shifter using 2N5401, IC Logic using CD4049 IC, protection IC using combination of NE555 and LM311, IC Driver using IC IR2110, with 2 pairs Different Power Mosfet, Toroid, Email Wire, Capacitor MKP , Resistor, Diode, Led, Non polar Capacitor, Elco, IC Socket, Heatsink, PCB, Male and female socket, Cable. And below the Circuit diagram of its power amp:

High Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram Class D titan
The above circuit is almost identical to the series of Power Amp D-Class 3000W Gambit, a significant difference that is in Mosfet Transistors are used, the Power Amplifier is only using 2 IRF MOSFET transistor amplifier, but this power amplifier also has a high-quality performance, Very large power output. To use Mosfet Transistor I suggest you use power MOSFET with IRFP4227 type, because this transistor is very good compared to good Mosfet Transistor for Audio (Switching) than like IRFP460 / IRFP460N, IRFP250, IRFP260 etc.

For ease of making 1500W Class D power amplifier, I also share the PCB layout is as follows:
PCB Layout Power Amplifier 1500W Class D TitanHigh Power Class D Amplifier PCB

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