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2 Way Active Crossover PCB Layout

Elcircuit will share the PCB Layout for a 2-way crossover circuit or active crossover for 2 low and high speakers. The schematic of the active crossover was designed by Mr. Anistardi Sudikan, a well-known audio master from Indonesia.

The following PCB layout was designed by Wahyu Eko Romadhon and has been tested to function properly. Elcircuit will share Gerber files, BoM, and CPL files.

Below is a picture of the layout

2 Way Active Crossover

In the layout above it uses 2 top bottom lines and uses SMD components. This crossover has a crosspoint cut of 70 Hz-3.8kHz with a slope of -6dB

you can directly order PCBA at JLCPCB using the following three files.

Gerber 2 Way Active Crossover

BoM (Bill of materials)

CPL (Pick and place file)

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