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How to Order PCBA on JLCPCB its Easy

In this post, I will give a tutorial on how to make a PCB that has SMD components soldered using the PCBA or PCB Assembly service at JLCPCB.

This is an example of a PCBA from JLCPCB



The results are very satisfying, we no longer need to bother soldering SMD components, because what DIYers complain about if the kit uses SMD components is that it's flat when soldering them. Due to the small dimensions of the components, installation, and soldering are also more difficult than using DIP/throughole components.

The soldering results from JLCPCB are also elegant in PCB quality. and the installation of components is also in accordance with the design I made.

To make a PCB that has soldered SMD components, I used EasyEDA to design the PCB Layout. Because Easyeda is very compatible with JLCPCB, it is easy for us to get the files needed to carry out PCB assembly.

EasyEDA 3D View

The 3 files needed for PCBA are 

Gerber (PCB Layout design)
BoM or bill of materials or component list, and
CPL file or Component Pick and Place/component layout data that will be attached to the PCB.

OK, first, let's go to your EasyEDA account.
First, create the desired schematic/circuit. The thing you need to pay attention to is taking the component library from LCSC or JLCPCB Assembled. avoid taking components from User Contributions. We can choose components according to the desired price which will later be installed on the PCB.

Library EasyEDA
Components Library on EasyEDA

If the scheme has been created using the SMD components we want. The next step is designing the PCB Layout. 

EasyEDA PCB Layout

If the PCB is ready to be printed, just generate the 3 files,

Generate Gerber File

First generate the Gerber file, BoM, and also pick and place the file.
If the three files have been downloaded, let's just go to the site.


Before we order SMT assembly, we first check the capabilities for SMT assembly.

capabilities for SMT assembly

After we know the PCBA capabilities at JLCPCB and know which capabilities we need, whether Economic or Standard. Then to order, you can immediately click the "Order Now" tab, upload the Gerber file then wait until it's finished then the PCB that we will print will appear.

PCBA capabilities at JLCPCB

After the PCB layout appears, the dimensions and number of layers will be detected automatically. Then select other PCB options such as color, thickness, quantity, etc.
PCB options
To order PCB Assembly, please tick Assembly, it will appear where the SMD components will be assembled, if the Layout is above at the bottom, for example the SMD components are in the bottom and top layers then the PCB Assembly is selected with the "Standard" PCBA Type feature
PCB Assembly is selected with the "Standard"

Then select the option according to your wishes for the PCBA, then upload the BoM file along with the CPL file, don't upload the wrong file because this will later become the data for us to buy the components.

BoM file along with the CPL file

Then click "Process BoM and CPL"
Process BoM and CPL

Then the list of components that we want to order will appear, and you can also select the components you want to order again by clicking the search button, adjusting the size to the desired value. After that click "Next"

list of components
Then our PCB Layout will appear which has been filled with the components we ordered, we can see the 2D and 3D versions, make sure the installation is okay.

2D and 3D versions

If everything feels okay, you can continue by clicking "Save to Cart". The next process is just payment as usual if we order PCB at JLCPCB.
order PCB at JLCPCB

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