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Power Amplifier SOCL504 Modded PCB Layout

The following is for the SOCL504 Moded Power Amplifier PCB Layout which can be downloaded as a pdf file to make it easier to print your own PCB

Power Amplifier SOCL504 Modded PCB Layout

The SOCL504 Modded amplifier circuit is basically a SOCL504 amplifier circuit that has been scattered on the internet, such as the circuit that has been posted here on elcircuit.:

The schematic was modified by Mr. Kartino, so that the sound produced is even better, the sound produced is more detailed, and the bass is smoother. There are several adjustment parts to adjust, for example, CCS adjustments, HF filter and gain adjustments, and many more, of course, the sound results are better. The power generated is still the same as before depending on the power supply used, as well as adjustments to the number of final transistors used and what final transistors are used.

For a 90VDC power supply, you can use the 2SC5200 2SA1943 final transistor, and use quality components so that the results are also maximized.

For those who want to print their own PCB, you can download the PDF file below.

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