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High Power Amplifier 3500W Class-AB Fullbridge (BTL)

Hello, this schematic is for high-power amplifier class-AB Fullbridge, its work includes buffer input balance and output protector. 
High Power Amplifier 3500W Class-AB Fullbridge (BTL)

The above scheme is usually downloaded in a PDF version with much better image quality.

For the PCB layout, you can create your own. The power amplifier circuit has been tested by YouTube Wahyu Eko Romadhon, using a 90VDC CT power supply voltage, it can produce high power, and is suitable for any speaker, especially for subwoofer speakers or low speakers. To use a transformer so that the amplifier performance maximizes, at least use a 30A transformer, if you can hear it below, it's just not optimal.

Here's a video that has been tested

Download the circuit schematic below

Schematic Amplifier AB Fullbridge

5 comments for "High Power Amplifier 3500W Class-AB Fullbridge (BTL)"

  1. Wow its real 3000W RMS amplifier can you share PCB Layout?

    1. Maybe next time sir , maybe there is an additional final transistor

  2. We only sharing schematic