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DiY 1Mhz 10x/100x Differential Probe Oscilloscope

Elcircuit will share a project about the Differential Probe Oscilloscope, along with a schematic of the differential probe.
Differential Probe

This differential probe can be used for all types of oscilloscopes, where this differential probe is very useful. It can be used freely to measure reference differences at once, for example, it can be used to measure 220 AC voltage while measuring PWM as well.

For the series above, elcircuit also shares the EasyEDA project which is distributed free by Wahyu Eko Romadhon's YouTube channel. And it's been tested on the YouTube channel. The circuit is already working well, and also compared with using the Tektronix MSO5204 and THS3014 oscilloscopes.

And the following is a circuit for the buck converter rail splitter:
Differential Probe Oscilloscope
The converter circuit is used to increase the voltage from 3.7V to +5V 0 -5V, the output voltage is used to supply the differential circuit above. and it's working fine.

And here is the top view of the PCB layout from the Differential Probe PCB:

PCB Differential Probe
The PCB is designed using SMD components so that it has small dimensions, and can be more portable.

The pcb series is also equipped with a 3.7V charger which functions to charge the battery with the choice of a switch button at the bottom. when the battery is charging, the differential probe is off.

The differential specifications of the probe are also quite accurate up to 1MHz, there are 4 settings, namely CMRR settings, compensation, DC Offset, and the 10x/100x attenuator switch.

Square Wave Signal Test, with a frequency of 100kHz, which is yellow for the DiY differential probe, and cyan using the Tektronix TPP0250 which measures one reference.

100kHz Square Wave Differential (Yellow) Passive Tektronix TPP0250 (Cyan)

1MHz Square Wave Differential (Yellow) Passive Tektronix TPP0250 (Cyan)

10MHz  Square Wave Differential (Yellow) Passive Tektronix TPP0250 (Cyan)

If friends are interested, you can visit the easyEDA project in the following link:Differential Probe EasyEDA Project

How to print PCB at JLCPCB can follow this step.

First, visit the JLCPCB site. then log in or register first (if you don't have an account) the button is in the top right corner click "Order Now"

Then click  "Add Gerber file"


Select the Gerber file that has been downloaded at the end EasyEDA Project


The file already contains the schematic same as PCB marking, BoM files, and PCB Layout gerber, for Gerber.
Then select Gerber one by one, then double click. Wait for the upload process to complete.

Then select Gerber one by one, then double click. Wait for the upload process to complete. then if you want to add another Gerber file, just click "Add Gerber file" again. if the three PCBs have been uploaded and you have selected the option for each PCB,  click the basket,  go to payment by clicking (Secure Checkout), and complete the payment on the next page. Payment can use a credit card, or debit visa, and also PayPal.

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