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Making Flat Amplifier usign LM1876 IC

 In this post, I want to make the latest version of a 2way amp, aka a flat amplifier, that you can use to make flat monitor speakers for home recording.

In this amplifier version I added several features, namely:

1. Considering that the buyers of this kit will be different people and use different speakers, you can now adjust the balance between low and high using only one potentiometer, so you can adjust the resulting sound as flat as possible.

2. Now added input for XLR or called balance.

3. Now added a limiter function in the low speaker line to neutralize the signal when a clip occurs.

4. The op-amp used is TL074 which is very good for amplifying ac signals. The use of quad op-amps will reduce production costs slightly.

5. The components and resistors used are SMD so the cost can be cheaper.

6. The amp chip used today is the LM1876 which sounds similar to the famous LM1875. The LM1876 is used because it has two boosters in an ic which will reduce costs compared to buying two ics for the final, but the power produced by this amp is smaller than the previous one, which is only about 2x20watt.

The following is a schematic of the 2-way amplifier v2 LM1876:

DiY 2 Way Flat Amplifier using LM1876
And the following for the PCB Layout design 2way LM1876 V2 as follows:
PCB DiY 2 Way Flat Amplifier using LM1876

After the PCB design felt good and neat, I ordered the PCB at the PCB factory and ordered the SMT service at the same time at PCBWay.
By the way, PCBWay and provides New Soldermask Colors - Pink, Gray, Orange, and Transparent.
Each additional choice in PCB manufacturing, means adding more customization for those of you who want to make PCBs on PCBWay, this is very important to interpret your project perfectly, especially for electronics enthusiasts and creatives who like to show individuality.

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The new solder mask colors include PINK, ORANGE, GRAY, and even TRANSPARENT. What’s more, to meet some clients’ needs, we also release the “Black Core PCB” materials, so you can use them for your specific requirement. Now you can check all the available solder mask colors at the "Advanced PCB" online quote page, and we're excited to see your new boards with these new glamorous colors!
New Solder Mask PCBWay
New Soldermask PCBWay

The following PCBs printed on are of very high quality
DiY 2 Way Flat Amplifier using LM1876

It's time for us to enter all the components to completion, here's a list of components:
2 Way Flat Amplifier using LM1876
2 Way Flat Amplifier

Flat Amplifier using LM1876

After all the component legs have been soldered, we install the heatsink, please pay attention! here I made a mine, namely a resistor near the heatsink, you must carefully install the heatsink so it doesn't nudge the resistor R34. Tighten the heatsink screws carefully.
DiY 2 Way Flat Amplifier using LM1876

After everything is finished, it's time for us to play the music by connecting an 18V-0-18V transformer starting at 3Amper-5A.
DiY 2 Way Flat Amplifier using LM1876

Later this amp will be very suitable for making flat monitor speakers with a Y*m*ha-style dual engine system because it is mono per block and also has a limiter, but I think the heatsink still needs to be added.

Then how is the sound produced? watch the video below:

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