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Experience Order quality PCB on PCBWay

 This is the experience of the PCB project admin ordering at PCBway, the results are amazingly good and of high quality.

What is PCBWay?

Experience Order quality PCB on PCBWay
PCBWay is one of the experienced PCB manufacturers in China, committed to meeting the needs of customers from various industries. The aspects they pay attention to include:

  • Quality 
  • Delivery
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • As well as any other demanding requests

In addition, their delivery rate is quite high, reaching 99% of the total customer orders which reached 77,000+ orders.

Because besides PCB quality, another important factor is the shortest possible lead time, which is very important for R&D Engineer work, especially in the prototyping stage. Their working time is 3 shifts or 24 hours full work.

Reasons Why should you go to PCBWay?

PCB is one of the most important parts of electrical and electronic devices. The quality of the PCB determines the quality of all these devices. Modern technology allows for increased miniaturization of integrated circuits, higher packing densities, and smaller layout dimensions, resulting in higher demand on PCBs emerging.

Experience Order quality PCB on PCBWay
Their product services include:

PCB: Specializes in prototyping and small volume production as well as providing services for the fabrication and assembly of PCBs with components. So it supports R&D work easy and saves time.
  • PCB Prototype
  • SMD Stencil
  • PCB Assembly
  • Flexible PCB
  • Advance PCB
  • Design services
SMT – Surface Mount Technology: their main service offering and support for many of their manufacturing activities. All PCB processes are RoHS compliant.
  • BGA
  • QFN
  • SOIC
  • PLCC
  • QFP
  • UBGA
  • POP
PCBWay provides New Soldermask Colors - Pink, Gray, Orange, and Transparent.
Each additional choice in PCB manufacturing, means adding more customization for those of you who want to make PCBs on PCBWay, this is very important to interpret your project perfectly, especially for electronics enthusiasts and creatives who like to show individuality.

PCBWay offers you as many options as possible to create unique products, such as color and material customization.

New solder mask colors include PINK, ORANGE, GRAY, and even TRANSPARENT. What’s more, to meet some clients’ needs, we also release the “Black Core PCB” materials, so you can use them for your specific requirement. Now you can check all the available solder mask colors at the "Advanced PCB" online quote page, and we're excited to see your new boards with these new glamorous colors!
New Solder Mask PCBWay
New Soldermask PCBWay

The following PCBs printed on are of very high quality
Experience Order quality PCB on PCBWay

Experiences and reviews after trying to buy on PCBWay include:

  • A simple menu, easy parameter setting
  • Our Gerber file review speed is only 5 minutes
  • The check-out process is easy with various payments that are widely accepted
  • For the first-time order get a discount of $ 5 and only pay postage
  • The manufacturing process only takes a maximum of 3 days and there is a real-time process sequence that can be monitored
  • The DHL shipping process only takes 2 days to arrive in our hands, wow it's really fast even though it's from China – Good Recommended

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