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E Control Devices - Top Distributor of Electric and Electronic Components in India

E Control Devices

E Control Devices provides the best solutions to the manufacturing and automation companies to improve their product quality and experience.

It is always not easy to procure modern, advanced quality, and hard-to-find or obsolete parts such as Sensors, Relays, Connectors, and Thermals materials to complete the manufacturing of smart IoT-based devices. These requirements cannot be fulfilled but as a leading professional in this domain, they are helping to procure and purchase to fulfill the required and exact parts for your devices. 

E Control Devices is a leading authorized electronic components distributor in India from companies Eaton, Panasonic, Omron, ICIL, GIC, and 3M. India is one of the top manufacturing companies and it is a center for industrial automation. 

You can find several distribution companies or vendors in Delhi-NCR but securing the quality and exact part as per your specification is still a hard thing to do. E Control Devices is the most successful company in providing the best parts in bulk quantity. 

You can completely trust them to provide the right and genuine parts imported directly from the manufacturing company and they provide their clients with all the necessary documents ascertaining the quality and origin of the products. 

The companies that work with the government or work on tenders are benefitting from their services. As they provide the stock with date code and other necessary details and information that can impact the company's ties and future. 

Services Offered by E Control Devices:

Support R&D – Promptly support their clients with sample quantities of their products, usually, there is a standard packaging quantity of these electronic and electric products that come in bulk, but they help the clients that are working on a new design or developing new devices. 

Technical Assistance – They have an in-house technical assistance team that is highly skilled and experienced. The trained team relay the latest technological information and innovative ways to resolve the issues to their clients. 

They have supported and worked with hundreds of new projects, for example, their technical assistance team has worked with companies in EV manufacturing and avionics. 

They have the skills and knowledge to understand the new projects and suggest the right products according to the need or specifications.

Supporting Students & New Innovators – They have developed a platform through which they help students and hobbyists to create and develop innovative designs and devices. They support them with proper guidance along with the required parts to develop their project. 

Once the project is completed and successful they help them by supporting them through connecting with industry experts and companies that might be interested to invest in these small-scale projects. 

Fast Deliveries – They have an amazing supply chain team, they integrate with several courier companies that ensure on-time deliveries of the shipments, and they understand the risk of losing production time of the manufacturing companies. 

To avoid such issues and pain to their clients they created a supply chain system that always works according to their client's production schedule. 

Bulk Availability – E Control Devices is the authorized distributor of several international electronic component manufacturing companies.  This enables them to have a bigger stock quantity and they follow their clients' production schedule for deliveries. 

The manufacturers do not need to worry about the stock availability, they can place the order in bulk and receive the quantity they require, and the rest is delivered when the next production batch is manufactured.

Post-Sales Services – They never leave their clients once the billing is done, you can contact them at any point even after the sales are done and they will help you out with the best solutions, they connect their clients to other technical engineers from 3M, Eaton, Panasonic, etc for further assistance. 

Their in-house technical engineers also pay visits to their clients' manufacturing units to better understand the issue and suggest solutions.

Located in Faridabad, Delhi-NCR, they provide value and offer their services to the extent that they stand out among other vendors in the same industry. Considering India’s growth and becoming a hub for technological advancements and automation, there are very high demands for electronic and electric components but due to several factors like substandard and low-quality products, the demand is not being fulfilled to the required extent. They understand this very well and fill this gap of demand and supply through their experienced team. 

To contact them you can simply log onto:

or drop an email: [email protected], the contact number is 98109 87429. 

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