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SOCL SMD 90VDC CT Power Amplifier Driver

In this post, Elcircuit will share class AB power amplifiers, namely SOCL amplifiers, the amplifier circuit is as follows:
 In the amplifier driver circuit above, it actually only takes from the original scheme, namely: SOCL 504 Power Amplifier, which only takes the amplifier driver circuit, not including the final amplifier circuit or final amplifier transistor, and uses SMD components as the driver component, and some still use through-hole components, namely Elco Capacitors C7, C8, C4, then trimpot DCO Set R4, and also transistors Q3/Q4.

Elco C7, C8 capacitor voltage value can be adjusted to the power supply voltage, for example using a 45VDC CT voltage can use a 50V capacitor. And a maximum of this amplifier driver can be supplied with a power supply of up to 90VDC CT or 180VDC + - asymmetrical.

For Q3/Q4 there are two options, if you use SMD components you can use MMBT5551, or if you don't want to use SMD components, you can replace them with MJE350/2SC3503.

And here for the PCB Layout, the PCB layout below has dimensions of 3.3cm x 3.1 cm.

Power Amplifier SOCL SMD

For the installation of the final transistor, it can be mounted directly or simply clipped onto the PCB with a B+ label for the NPN transistor base and the 4.7 1/4W or 1W resistor series, as well as for the PNP transistor base on the PCB, namely B-. for Final Tr Emitter can be in series 0.22R 5W go to pin E or SP + on the PCB. The GSP is for output to GND or SPK - speakers.

Video test 

Amplifier SOCL SMD
The PCB above is the PCB printed on the JLCPCB, but the PCB is not perfect, there are slight changes in the PCB layout that have been fixed, and can be downloaded at the end of the post. And the PCB I use the Panelize feature of the JLCPCB 3x3

PCB with a double-layer path can be printed on JLCPCB. you can print it on JLCPCB with the downloaded Gerber file. Why should you be in JLCPCB? Because the JLCPCB is fast, the price is cheap, the quality of the PCB is very good, the delivery is also fast, and it can ship all over the world.

How to print PCB at JLCPCB can follow this step.

First, visit the JLCPCB site. then log in or register first (if you don't have an account) the button is in the top right corner. If you have logged into your account, then just click "Order Now"

Then click  "Add Gerber file"


Select the Gerber file that has been downloaded at the end of the post link, but before using the downloaded file, the file with the name "Full UcD 2K mr.kartino (extract first)" must be extracted first.


The file already contains schematic same as PCB marking, BoM files, and PCB Layout gerber, for Gerber there are three, 1 for amplifier board, and 2 buffer versions.
Then select Gerber one by one, then double click. Wait for the upload process to complete.

Then select Gerber one by one, then double click. Wait for the upload process to complete. then if you want to add another Gerber file, just click "Add Gerber file" again. if the three PCBs have been uploaded and you have selected the option for each PCB,  click the basket,  go to payment by clicking (Secure Checkout), and complete the payment on the next page. Payment can use a credit card, or debit visa, and also PayPal.


PCB Gerber, BoM, Schematic, CPL Files SOCL SMD 90VDC CT Power Amplifier Driver

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