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LM3886 guitar amp with Distortion and Time/Delay effects

In this post, I am interested in making an amp especially for guitars.

This idea started with a request by YouTube subscriber Barlex Respectaizer who asked to make a guitar amp using the TDA7294 ic, but after I thought about it, why not just use the LM3886 ic as well so that the sound produced is better and clearer like a famous guitar speaker.

Departing from this idea, I poured it into a scheme to be made into a guitar amp product.

LM3886 guitar amp with Distortion and Time/Delay effects
As you can see in the schematic, I've added some effects to this amp, such as Clean/Drive to produce distortion, and I've also added a Time/Delay effect which is similar to echo but can be adjusted according to taste. And of course, there is also a tone control for Bass, Mid, and Treble, so that your life isn't flat, bro. :D

Then departing from the schematic above, I proceed to design the layout so that it can be printed into a PCB:
PCB LM3886 guitar effect
After the design feels good, the next step is I will print the PCB on

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New Solder Mask PCBWay
New Soldermask PCBWay

Here's what the PCB looks like that I printed from PCBWay:

PCB LM3886 guitar effect

After the PCB has been printed, we certainly can't wait to assemble this guitar amp, but first, let's prepare some of the components listed below

Partlist PCB LM3886 guitar effect
PCB LM3886 guitar effect Componenents

Now it's time for us to assemble the LM3886 guitar amp
Assembling PCB LM3886 guitar effect Componenents

Our assembled LM3886 guitar amp is ready
LM3886 guitar effect diy
Video Test

File : gerber ampli gitar LM3886, file pcb layout, part list on a ZIP FILE DOWNLOAD
Note : just extract to see the file

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