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Simple Bass Booster for your audio amplifier

Simple Bass Booster for your audio amplifier
Bass Booster Amplifier
This circuit is a bass booster. This device can be used on amplifiers or active speakers that you feel lack bass.
Its use is very easy, namely by connecting the bass booster input to a music source and connecting the output to your amplifier or active speaker input that feels less bass and then connecting the voltage source to a 12V-0-12V transformer which is about 0.5-1A.
However, it should also be noted that the speakers and amps used must be able to produce the bass produced by this bass booster.

Here's a design layout designed by Barlex Respectaizer:
Bass Booster
After the design feels good, the next step is I will print the PCB on

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New Solder Mask PCBWay
New Soldermask PCBWay

Here is the PCB printed in PCBWAY, the PCB is printed in red silkscreen color.
PCB Bass Booster

The next step is to prepare the required components, namely:
Part list Bass Booster
Part  Bass Booster

After all the required components are available, the next step is to insert the components into the PCB one by one.
DiY Bass Booster
The next step is to solder the component legs with solder at the bottom of the PCB.
Bass Booster Amplifier

This bass booster kit has been completed and just a test.
Super Bass Booster

Next, I tested this bass booster by connecting a 12V-0-12V transformer, then input the bass booster to a music source and the output to the LM1875 stereo amp input that lacked bass to see if it was working. And the results are really satisfying!
Simple Bass Booster

The bass can be boosted very strongly without reducing the clarity of the sound, provided it does not exceed the capabilities of the speakers or amps that you will use.
Bass Booster

For those of you who want to know the sound, you can check the video below:

Download File Gerber and partlist just extract the zip click here

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