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Low-Cost 5.1 Power Amplifier

Low Cost 5.1 Power Amplifier
Low Cost 5.1 Amplifier with Gainclone IC

On this occasion, I want to make a cheap version of the 5.1 Amplifier for home theater. This 5.1 amplifier is included with the processor, and the final amplifier used is the LM1876 gainclone IC this designed 5.1 amp with an analog system, which uses an op-amp as a stereo signal breaker to 5.1 in the front amplifier, so don't think this is a digital system, because this tool is used to divide the stereo analog signal into 5.1 and then amplified by the LM1876 power amplifier. Here's a 5.1 power amplifier scheme with a low-cost budget:

5.1 Power Amplifier Schematic
The following is the appearance of the low cost 5.1 amplifier PCB Layout design:
5.1 Power Amplifier PCB Layout
PCB Layout 5.1 Amplifier Low Cost
You can download the PCB layout design at the end of the post, then it's time to order pcb on, you can download the Gerber file at the end of the post to place an order on PCBWay.

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New Solder Mask PCBWay
New Soldermask PCBWay

The following is an example of a PCB printed on PCBWay, I purposely printed it in black to make it look luxurious.

PCB 5.1 Power Amplifier

The next step is to prepare the necessary components, namely:
5.1 Power Amplifier Parts

After all the components are available, the next step is to apply tin paste to the PCB with the help of an SMD stencil
5.1 Power Amplifier SMD

Then we put the smd component first.
5.1 Power Amplifier Processor

After that soldering stage, solder using a solder blower to make it easier.
5.1 Power Amplifier Soldering
The 5.1 low-cost home theater amplifier kit has been completed and it's just a test. It's tiny and doesn't take up much space.

Kit 5.1 Power Amplifier

For those of you who want to know the sound, you can check the video below

Download File Gerber and partlist just extract the zip click here

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