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PCB Driver Power Amplifier AxL

Axl Power Amplifier, what is this Axl power amplifier, and how is the sound quality?
This AxL Power Amplifier includes a Class-AB power amplifier and the sound quality is quite good and is widely accepted among audio amplifier lovers. The sound is clear and loud, suitable for Mid, or Low Mid speakers, and the larger version can drive subwoofer speakers, for high power use 7 sets of final transistors, final transistors can use 2SC5200 2SA1943, for the power supply you can use a voltage from transformer 45-60VAC CT, which is rectified to 60-90VDC CT. And for those who want to print the Axl Amplifier PCB, you can download the following image, and the complete version with final transistors can be downloaded at the end of the post.

PCB Driver Power AxL
PCB Driver Power AxL Audion

PCB Driver Power AxL

 And the following is an overview of the PCB Layout for the Axl Power Amplifier which is equipped with 7 final transistors, the layout can be downloaded below in PDF format, print using A4 size paper.

PCB Driver Power AxL 7 Transistor

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