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LM3886 Subwoofer Amplifier

Make an amplifier with a special Gainclone LM3886 chip to raise the low tone sound enough to vibrate the bass speaker/subwoofer. This LM3886 Subwoofer Amplifier is suitable to be combined with other audio devices that you have.

By combining this LM3886 Subwoofer amp, you can cover the bottom bass area that your main amplifier/speaker might not produce.

I chose to use the LM3886 Gainclone IC as the final amplifier because the resulting audio quality is unquestionable among audiophiles. With an LPF filter, this design is able to produce a soft but also powerful bass/subwoofer response.

The following is a complete schematic of the LM3886 Subwoofer Amp:

LM3886 Subwoofer Amplifier
If the sound is too low, you can replace the gain resistor in the picture above with a value of 330K ohms to 470K but of course, it will increase the distortion and vice versa if the sound is too strong, you can change the gain resistor to be smaller.
The circuit uses 3 pairs of Capacitor Elco's on the power supply to reduce signal defects or noise caused when the power supply voltage drops.
You can modify the Lowpass filter IC voltage source by adding a 1/2 Watt 12V-15V Zener diode depending on the op-amp IC used. and replace the shunt resistor with a larger wattage because of the heat generated by the addition of this Zener diode, don't forget to add 100uF elco at the output voltage.

The following is an example of an LM3886 subwoofer amp layout
Top PCB LM3886 Subwoofer Amplifier
Top Layer
PCB Bottom
Bottom Layer
Inserting components into PCB:
PCB LM3886 Subwoofer

LM3886 subwoofer amplifier complete assembly:
Assembled kit LM3886 Subwoofer Amplifier


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