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LM1875 Gainclone Amplifier

LM1875 Gainclone Amplifier

Hello, in this post I will make a gainclone amplifier using the LM1875 chip, this amplifier chip is often used among DIY'ers audio amplifier chips because the sound produced is very detailed, pleasant to hear, the bass is not too over, and the treble is just right. In addition, the amplifier circuit is also very simple. I refer to this from the LM1875 IC datasheet directly. here's the schematic:

Schematic LM1875 Gainclone Amplifier
The scheme is very simple and this LM1875 amplifier works on CT voltage, with power supplies ranging from 12-0-12 VDC to 30-0-30 VDC, with a maximum power that can be achieved 30W according to the LM1875 amplifier datasheet, and the speaker impedance can use 8 or 4 ohms.

Here's the PCB Layout that I designed, using star grounding to minimize noise and hum, and as the datasheet says, the layout should be designed like a datasheet or made like this too, I've tested this layout and it has minimal oscillations. For the following PCB Layout LM1875 gainclone amplifier, you can download the Gerber file at the end of the post.
PCB LM1875 Gainclone Amplifier

Some of the components that I use, use quality components so that the results are maximized.
Parts LM1875 Gainclone Amplifier

I use the original LM1875 IC, and I install it from the bottom because later I will install it on the side of the amplifier box.
LM1875 Petir

And the following is an almost finished example, I installed the amplifier on the side.
HiFi LM1875 Gainclone Amplifier


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