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High Power Amplifier SOCL 506 TEF

High Power Amplifier SOCL 506 TEF

In this post, I will try to make an amp whose wattage is relatively high, namely the power amplifier SOCL 506 where the output line is already on TEF (Triple Emitter Follower) which is kind of like increasing the level of amplification so that later the sound will be more powerful and the bass is very stomping.

The following is a schematic of the Power Amplifier SOCL 506 which I have added to the LED indicator on, signal indicator, clip indicator, and an indicator of the protection system is working.

Circuit Diagram High Power Amplifier SOCL 506 TEF
PCB Layout Design, the design leads to the form of a built-up amplifier that uses a 2U heatsink with a final number of 8 transistor sets (16 pieces). The PCB size is less than 30cm, so for those of you who want to build an amplifier, you can buy a 2U heatsink with a length of 30cm.
PCB Layout SOCL 506 TEF

The following is a dual layer PCB that has been printed with a black layer and the component installation process:
Assembling High Power Amplifier SOCL 506 TEF

And the following is a list of components for the SOCL 506 TEF amplifier:
Part List High Power Amplifier SOCL 506 TEF

Make the inductor as shown below. This inductor is made of a 1.5mm copper coil wrapped around 18 turns with a diameter of 12mm x a length of 30.8mm as follows:
Inductor High Power Amplifier SOCL 506 TEF

After everything is installed and soldered, just connect it to the final transistor that has been installed into the heatsink previously with bolts and insulators and then solder the legs of the transistor
Final Transistor High Power Amplifier SOCL 506 TEF

Now the SOCL 506 TEF amp is ready, don't forget to check the whole thing, starting from the relay working or not, normal voltage or not, and others to anticipate the dangers that could occur. Get in the habit of testing with a low voltage first and then a higher voltage. The recommended power supply voltage is 45-90VDC CT, it can be 10-20A.
Power Amplifier SOCL 506 TEF

How is the sound of this amplifier, please check the video in the following link, complete from assembling to the sound test video is here:


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  1. Que voltaje conectaste en el medio de la placa?

  2. Supply voltage for protection circuit, it can use 12-15VAC CT. 12 0 12