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Amplifier Class-D D2K Pro Dual Feedback

Hello guys, in this post, Elcircuit will assemble the D2K Pro Dual Feedback class-D power amplifier, the scheme remains the same as the D1K5 Pro Double Feedback, which was designed by Kartino S., but in this Class-D D2K Pro Dual Feedback amplifier, I add 2 more mosfet or 1 pair of N-Channel mosfet. I aim to be able to load at 2 ohms so that it produces more power. With the power supply voltage at 90VDC CT. This Class-D amplifier has a sound character that tends to be flat but is very good for subwoofers, you can use a dual coil subwoofer speaker or a 15-inch subwoofer speaker.

The following is the PCB Layout of the D2K Pro Dual Feedback Class-D Amplifier

Amplifier Class-D D2K Pro Dual Feedback

This PCB Layout is designed in the EasyEDA application, the design is the same as the D1k5 Pro Dual Feedback, at the bottom, there is a label for the display prefix, to make it easier to find the location of the components according to the scheme I drew in EasyEda, my PCB is dual-layer design, I maximize the placement of components so that components work optimally too, there are no components that experience dysfunction. And I also design the path, the direction of the path, the narrow width that follows the current being passed. For friends who want to buy this PCB, you can visit the link in the description. This PCB with dimensions of 25x8cm can be printed on JLCPCB and the Gerber file can be purchased here: Gerber Files D2K 2 Ohm Load

Continue again to the amplifier assembly, for components use quality components, so that the results can be maximized.

Class-D Amplifier Board

Install the components according to the label listed, for R23 and R24 use Resistor 10-22R. R in also affects how fast or slow the gate ON of the mosfet is, so adjust it to the mosfet, if using a heavy mosfet use a larger R too, so that there is no crossing, if there is a crossing, the mosfet will heat up quickly and can even be damaged.

This elco capacitor can use 47-100uF 100V, if you use 100uF 100V the place is a bit crammed like this.

Class-D Amplifier

For inductor cores, you can use 4cm cores like D1K5 Pro Dual Feedback or use 77083A7 series cores like this.

Inductor Class-D LPF Class-D

Core 77083A7 I wrapped with 1.5mm wire with the number of turns 19 turns for the winding direction is free. With this number of turns 19x turns, get an inductance value of about 33uH, then install the inductor for the LPF CAP value at C18 can use 2.2uF 250V.

Don't forget to add tin in the solder mask to make the path stronger.

Class-D Amplifier Repair

Continue to install the IC, use a quality IC, not too cheap or not good because the IC affects class D performance, and this IC can affect the PWM speed value, especially the Opamp IC and the CD4049 logic IC.

For fuses using a 5x20mm fuse, the current rating can use from 15 to 20Ampers.

For the mosfet, I used 4 IRFP260 mosfet, this mosfet is already the final transistor amplifier mosfet, so there is no more additional mosfet, 4 IRFP260 mosfet is capable of outputting 1250W to 1500W of power. In addition to using the MOSFET, you can also use the IRFP250 MOSFET. IRFP4227, IRFP4229. IRFP4242 and many more that can be used for this amplifier, I recommend using a minimum VDS 200V mosfet and a maximum of 300V, if using 500V is too heavy it can be used for SMPS.

After the mosfet is installed then install the cooler or the mosfet heatsink. The mosfet heatsink doesn't need to be big, I use a PCB-sized fin heatsink with only 5cm high and 1mm thick aluminum. That's enough because the class-D amplifier has very high efficiency and the efficiency of this amplifier reaches 90% or more, so the energy dissipated by heat is not as much as a class AB or class A amplifier.

Amplifier Class-D D2K Pro Dual Feedback

This amplifier works with a maximum working voltage of 90VDC CT, and the power produced is capable of thousands of watts. At a load of 2 Ohm this amplifier produces 1250W RMS power continuously with a dummy resistor load. Watch the assembly video here:Class-D Amplifier D2K Pro Dual Feedback

See also these test points before installing mosfets, itwill make it easier to assemble a Class-D D2K Pro Dual Feedback


Schematic Amplifier Class-D D2K Pro Dual Feedback 

Gerber Files Amplifier Class-D D2K Pro Dual Feedback (not free)

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  1. Can I have the schematic of this amp ?

    1. Downloadable link in bottom of post

    2. The schematics is not right I built it did not work, oscillating frequency were not right, had to discard the item wasted 20$, the zobel filter exploded together with the Mosfets after,

      After sometime I redone it again with original parts coming from rs components but still the problem persist, pls check the schematic first,

      After that incident i analyzed the circuit paralleling 10k on c4 does the job but not good audio had to discard the project because I wasted more than 30$ unto the project.

      In conclusion do not trust free schematics. there is hidden defects/problems

    3. 10K on C4????
      don't make it up bro!!!
      what you mention is not true, from C4 there is not a single parallel resistor there. And where did you buy the gerber from?
      if you buy from me, you will complain to me, and the price is that much? big mistake bro.
      if it's from me I can guide you until you can.

  2. Thanks for Gerber, i make it yesterday and ITS work perfect.

  3. hasta uno comprando los archivos se los da a uno con errores

    1. No, its fixed layout design, i also make for test point before placing mosfets, you can understand.

  4. Can it run 1 ohm impedance?

  5. Hi friend can you help me to buy this diy kit from you to Sri Lanka

  6. Hi friend can you help me to buy this diy kit from you to Sri Lanka

  7. Hi friend can you help me to buy diy kit from you to ship Sri Lanka