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Make DIY Mini Snail Speaker with TDA2822 Amplifier

TDA2822 Power Amplifier Circuit

hi elcircuit lover, in this post elcircuit will post a speaker with a unique shape and design in the form of a snail, the speaker design was designed by Barlex Respectaizer (Youtuber)
He made a snail-shaped PCB and made a hole in the shell for the speaker.
The speakers used are 42mm in diameter with full range character. This speaker is powered by a very cheap TDA2822 chip-amp and the sound is quite good with a sufficient supply of 5-9V DC.
As a result, in addition to this craft, it functions to produce music sounds from aux/mp3 phones but also has a unique appearance to enjoy.

So, what does it sound like? Please check the video here: Make DIY Mini Snail Speaker TDA2822

If you are interested in making this project, you can download the PCB layout file here : PCB Layout TDA2822

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