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5.1 Processor Home Theater

5.1 Processor Home Theater
Make your own 5.1 processor for home theater. Later this 5.1 processor kit is suitable to be combined with 5.1 power amplifiers, you can use 5.1 Home theater Power Amplifier with Gainclone LM1875 + LM3886 or 5.1 power amplifiers that you have, that do not have a home theater processor installed.

Processor 5.1 is designed with an analog system that uses an op-amp designed by Barlex Respectaizer. So using an op-amp processed analogously, don't think this is a digital system, because this tool is used to divide the stereo analog signal into 5.1 home theater output to then amplify by a 5.1 power amp.

And here's the PCB Layout design for 5.1 Home theater processors, using some SMD components so that the design looks small, and has a compact size.

PCB Layout 5.1 Processor Home Theater

The following is an example of a finished PCB, this PCB is printed on PCBWay, the printing method is quite easy, friends, just visit the site then login or register if you don't have an account. Then click PCB Instant quote, then follow the next steps, and upload the Gerber file, for the PCB 5.1 gerber file for this processor, you can download the link at the end of the post.
PCBWay 5.1 Processor Home Theater
The PCB from PCBWay is of very high quality, different from the others, and the process is also very fast. If you want to order on PCBWay, I highly recommend it and the payment is also quite easy.

5.1 Processor Home Theater Board

The next step is to prepare the necessary components, namely:
Part List

After all the components are available, the next step is to apply tin paste to the PCB with the help of an SMD stencil
SMT Stencil

Then we put the smd component first.
5.1 Processor Home Theater

After that soldering, can use a solder blower or soldering iron can also. Or it can also be cooked using a stove, just look at this video:
DIY 5.1 Processor Home Theater

The next stage is to insert ordinary components such as elco and diodes, then soldered using ordinary solder.
Kit 5.1 Processor Home Theater

The 5.1 home theater processor kit has been completed and it's just a test. It's small and doesn't take up space
5.1 Processor Home Theater

For those of you who want to know the sound, you can check the video below


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