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DC Step Up 12V to 310V DC for LED Lighting Lamps

Hello guys, in this post I will build a step up dc circuit or dc to dc, from a 12VDC source voltage or from a 12V battery which I will raise to a high voltage of 310V -370VDC, what is the output voltage for? Later I will use it to turn on 220V lamps, especially LED lamps or incandescent lamps, and the lamp power that can be used starts from 3-200W, actually this is my project to make solar panel lamps or solar lamps, with a sloping budget, but it can produce maximum light.

Okay, here's a circuit schematic for DC to DC,

12V to 310V Inverter Converter
Download PDF 

this circuit can also be used for amplifiers that require an asymmetrical voltage,  this circuit regulated and can adjust the output voltage. 

Because I specialize in this circuit for the use of solar lamps, I add a feature for under-voltage protection, if the voltage is below 10V the circuit will die, so the battery is not easily damaged. This feature can also be adjusted on the Trimpot R35. then there is a light sensor, using LDR, this feature is to turn off the Step-up circuit during the day, and at night it is only active to turn on the lights. the sensitivity setting is on R42. I actually took this light sensor feature from the solar charge panel, so when the solar panel gets light, the charging light will turn off and the relay will connect the battery to charging, and disconnect the battery from the DC to DC circuit. and the LDR sensor feature can be used if the battery is not charging using a solar panel.

To make it easier to assemble, I made a PCB layout with PCB dimensions of 9.8x7cm 2 layers, you can download this PCB layout from the link in the description. Because this PCB is dual-layer, I recommend printing the PCB on, because the price is cheap with good quality. for how to print PCB on JLCPB.

See Video Assembling

PCB inverter 12V
PCB Updated


Schematic DC Step Up 12V to 310V DC for LED Lighting Lamps PDF

Gerber files DC Step Up 12V to 310V DC for LED Lighting Lamps

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