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Power Amplifier Class AB G77

The following is a series of Power Amplifier class Ab G77 by Kartino S., for the embedded features there is an input balance that can be changed directly to unbalance with this additional jumper, then there is a led indicator, speaker delay. DC Protection and input limiter features, this limiter can also be bypassed, by removing this jumper. there are features that adjust DCO and also adjust the bias.

For the final transistor using 8 sets of final transistors. .can use Toshiba, NJW, sanken allegro, etc. can be adjusted to the power supply voltage.

And the following is for the PCB layout design, the dimensions of this PCB are 27.5mm x 7 cm, for the heatsink or cooler later, you can use the 2U size heatsink,  with a length of 30cm.

And I share this PCB for free, the download link can be downloaded at the end of the post.

Power Supply Max 100VDC CT Recommended 90VDC CT. Minimum 10A.

Build and tested amplifier video:Power Amplifier Class-AB G77


Gerber Files buy: PCB Layout Class-AB G77  Buy PCB at

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