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Subwoofer Controller Low Pass Filter

Subwoofer controller preamplifier, this circuit functions to filter low tones specifically for power amplifier use with subwoofer speakers, works well which is equipped with a 30Hz-500Hz frequency setting feature, Subsonic Filter feature to remove frequencies below 20Hz, Bass-Booster feature, to increase bass gain. And also volume settings.

Below the Subwoofer Controller Circuit Diagram:

Subwoofer Controller Low Pass Filter
In the circuit above there are 4 pieces of IC Dual Op Amp, IC U10 serves as an input buffer that can be Stereo or mono by entering both inputs with audio sources. So if this subwoofer controller circuit is combined with other tone controls, it will not affect the other preamp circuits.
IC U1 for low-tone frequency filters that can be adjusted in frequency on the potentiometer R45/R10, the R is the same only differs in the PCB design so that it can use 2 types of potentiometers. But I recommend using 20K ohm size.

IC U2 as a Subsonic filter, which can be activated or bypassed on the SUBSONIC switch.
IC U3 as a bass booster to add gain that can be activated or bypassed on the BOOST switch. gain can be set at R55, the greater the value, the greater the gain, and vice versa.

IC can use JRC4558, NE5532, TL072, MC33078, etc.

Here's the PCB Layout for the schematic above, it's working fine.

PCB Layout Subwoofer Controller Low Pass Filter
Tested Video:

PCB Layout can be downloaded in PDF/Gerber file format:


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