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Build Stereo Power Amplifier TDA7294 2x90W

Schematic diagram of a Power Amplifier TDA7294

Build Stereo Power Amplifier TDA7294 2x90W

Symmetrical Power Supply

Build Stereo Power Amplifier TDA7294 2x90W

TDA7294 Features:  A very high voltage operating range (± 40V), DMOS power stage, High power output (up to 90W), Mute / STAND-BY function, Low distortion, Low noise, Short circuit protection, Thermal shutdown

PCB Layout Design

PCB Layout TDA7294
Connection Diagram
Diagram TDA7294

Part's list

2 Integrated circuit TDA7294

1 Diode Bridge 10 amps

1 Diode 1N4148

2 short fuse holder for printing and two 5 Amp fuses

2 small 3-pin connectors (GP)

2 large 6-pin connectors (Molex)

1 Transformer 29 x 29 volts AC at 5 or 6 amps.

1 aluminum heatsink

2 mica insulators, with their respective wall passes

2 screws with nut and washer

2 Capacitors 4700 uF at 50V or 6800 at 50V

2 Capacitors 0.1 uF (104) to 100V Polyester

2 Capacitors 0.47 uF (474) at 100V Polyester

2 Capacitors 0.1 uF (104) to 250V Polyester

5 Capacitors from 22 uF to 50V

1 Capacitors from 10 uF to 50V

2 Capacitors from 10 pF to 50V Ceramic

2 Capacitors 390 pF at 50V Ceramic

4 Resistors from 56K to 1 / 4W (green, blue, orange)

2 1K to 1 / 4W resistors (brown, black, red)

6 Resistors from 5.1K to 1 / 4W (green, brown, red)

3 Resistors from 8.2K to 1 / 4W (gray, red, red)

2 2.7 Ohm resistors at 1W (red, purple, gold)

2 Resistors of 8.2 Ohms at 1W (gray, red, gold)

The coil is made with copper wire, 18 gauge according to the AWG table, (1,024 mm.) And a 3/8 bit, on which we make 11 turns evenly, we cut the excess wire and straighten bobbin legs so that there are 10 turns.


PCB Layout TDA7294 Stereo Amplifier PDF

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