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Discrete Power Amplifier Class-D UcD Superlite - Single Layer PCB

I have often posted this Discrete Class-D UcD Superlite because this power amplifier has quite an impressive sound quality, clear sound, and has a wide frequency response, mid and high sounds can be clear. And has a bass sound character that tends to be soft and deep. So this high-efficiency amplifier can be used for high-quality audio classes. Can be used for professionals or for home audio.
The UcD Superlite amplifier circuit was designed by Mr.Kartino Surodipo, a class-D Amplifier master who often designs class-d power amplifiers that are distributed free of charge, on Facebook Groups and on forums.
And in this post elcircuit shares this PCB Layout Power AMplifier D-class UcD Superlite with a Single-layer PCB design. This PCB layout was designed by Mr. Ruzzel Rotao from the Philippines. The following PCB Layout Pictures, you can download this layout with PDF format below, and the amplifier also works 100% please try, good luck
Class-D UcD Superlite
Finished Power Amplifier UcD Superlite - Single Layer
PCB Layout Power Amplifier Class-D UcD Superlite single layer

This power amplifier can be supplied from 45VDC - 90VDC, but it's better at 90VDC Symmetric so that the power amplifier can work optimally. The minimum current power supply is 10A.

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