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12V Power Amplifier Subwoofer using TDA7388 IC

Elcircuit will share the scheme along with the PCB layout for the power amplifier subwoofer that operates on a single 12V DC voltage or can use a 12V DC battery. The circuit and PCB layout were designed by Barlex Respectaizer. The following schematic and PCB layout, you can also download it at the end of the post.
12V Subwoofer Power Amplifier
12V Power Subwoofer Amplifier
The circuit use TDA7388 as the power amplifier and it upgradeable to TDA7560. For the Active Lowpass filter, I use a NE5532 IC. I design this project suitable for car subwoofer, motorbikes audio modification event, home, and everything that comes with 12V battery or transformer. The circuit is made as simple as possible with standard through-hole Components that easily found in the store. There are 2 potentiometer settings: -Frequency cross over -Subwoofer Volume It needs single supply 12Volt/10-15A If use with transformer, you may need external bridge diode to make DC voltage.

12Volt Subwoofer Amplifier

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