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TDA2030 Stereo Amplifier + Tone Control

TDA2030 Power Amplifier is a power amplifier based on chip or integrated circuit (IC), where the IC also has the similarity of TDA2050 and LM1875, both gainclone amplifier categories. This power amplifier is in great demand by various groups, because the price is relatively cheap, and many components that are used in the market, and amplifier assembly is not difficult. In this post, there is a series of TDA2030 Stereo Power Amplifier and also equipped with Tone Control, the use of stereo amplifiers can be used for home audio, with the low-cost category. The following circuit diagram Stereo TDA2030 + Tone Control:
Stereo TDA2030 Amplifier + Tone Control

In the scheme above, it uses 2 TDA2030 Chip Amplifiers because one TDA2030 IC chip has only 1 channel amplifier, so it requires 2 TDA2030 ICs to get a Stereo Amplifier.

Then there is also a Power Supply scheme that you can make a reference when making this TDA2030 Stereo Amplifier power supply circuit. For the transformer, you can use a transformer of at least 3A with a 12VAC voltage. Then there is also a preamplifier that uses IC 4558 as a buffer. And for the tone control, there are settings for Volume, Bass, and Treble.

To facilitate the manufacture of this amplifier, we provide a PCB Layout design with Gerber file format that can be downloaded at the end of the post.
PCB Stereo TDA2030 Amplifier + Tone Control

Video Assembling Power Amplifier and Test:

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