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Power Amplifier Class-AB AX-BLAME 90VDC

Power Amplifier Class-AB AX-BLAME 90VDC

Hello friends, in this Post I will assemble a class AB AX-BLAME 700 power amplifier, this is the PCB, this PCB layout is designed by my friend Hamas shofwanudin, this cool design uses arc routing angle and there are some that use  45 degrees angle trace. It also uses 2 layers top and bottom copper. This mod version of AX-BLAME can be supplied symmetrically 60 to 90Volt DC symmetrical with component notes according to the label on the PCB. You can buy this PCB by contact whatsapp number (+62)81235641359, PCB is also very high quality because it is printed in JLCPB.
Power Amplifier Class-AB AX-BLAME 90VDC

Immediately, for the driver, protection and indicator, I have filled the components according to the labels listed on the PCB,

For the final transistor I use 6 sets of Sanken C3263 and A1294 transistors, attach the final transistor and don't get behind the NPN and PNP. Then I solder the middle leg or collector before I attach the heatsink. It is intended that when installing the bolt to the heatsink the transistor can still be changed to change its position if the bolt hole is not centered or fits the width of the transistor.

After all the transistors are bolted, just solder all the transistor legs, and also give tin to the open PCB path so that the path is stronger.

The Axblame 700 amplifier kit is ready, ready to be tested.

For testing I use SMPS with symmetrical 90VDC voltage, the SMPS that I use is made by Syaelend Tech Indonesia.

Put the power supply voltage for black min, red + and blue ground, and don't forget to plug extra 12V voltage for the protection part. this can use AC or DC voltage 12V,

Then attach the input, this is not accompanied by an input balance so it is recommended to add an input balance or preamp.

I tested this with a 4 Ohm dummy load, along with the measurements I have installed.

This is the initial start of the amplifier, the protective lamp will light up after 2 seconds off and the speaker relay is active. DCO has set 0mV.

Let's just test how much the amplifier outputs. My input signal injects a 300Hz sine voltage,
Power Amplifier Class-AB AX-BLAME 90VDC

The output AC voltage before the clip is 57.09V with 14.16A Current so the output power is 808.3W around 800W RMS. Supply voltage drops at 88VDC.

Video test and make:
I continued to use this small voice test 15 ", let's look at the sound. I think this amplifier is very suitable for low mid, the mid sound is thick and loud, even though this amplifier can be used for low or high too. 
If you want to try it , you can buy the PCB.
Whatsapp Number: (+62)81235641359

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