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Power Amplifier Class-D D1K PRO

Hello friends in this post, I will assemble the D1K Pro class-d power amplifier and do a sound test and output power, here is a double layer PCB layout designed by my friend Muhammad Syafii, this layout is equipped with DC protection feature, Input Balance which is buffered by the Dual Opamp IC, then there is also Over Current Protection or OCP, and also has an indicator for the front panel.

Class-D D1K Pro
Gerber file download at end of the post.

Immediately, I will convert this layout to the Gerber file to print the PCB on the JLCPCB site for how to print PCB in JLCPCB, see the following video.

PCB that I ordered at JLCPCB, a very high quality using FR4 fiber material, double side PCB, thickness 1.6mm, dimensions 10x10cm. we just fill the components according to marking or labels on the PCB.

My LPF inductor uses a 3.3cm 77071A7 series core with a number of 2 dual cores, a total of 15 turns, with a 0.6 4 duplicate copper wire. With an inductance value of 32uH.

For the MOSFET, I use 2 IRFP260 N channel MOSFETs.

For the heat sink, I use an aluminum plate, 10x10cm with 2x1.6mm thickness. It is enough for this power amplifier with a note to add a fan.

And the amplifier is ready to be tested, I give the supply voltage at 90VDC and then bias the 12VDC, the speaker output I give a load at 4 Ohms 1000W. 10K volume potentiometer, and input from a laptop that has a balance.

* Partlist from file: d1k pro.lay6" / 02/01/2020 15:13:57
* Name Value
C1 10U
C2 10U
C3 10U
C4 10U
C5 10U
C6 33U
C7 33U
C8 101
C9 101
C10 101
C11 101
C12 101
C13 101
C14 222
C15 471
C16 104
C17 104
C18 221
C19 221
C20 100U
C21 10U
C22 100U/35V
C23 104
C24 105/400V
C25 684/400V
C26 224/250V
C27 100U
C28 100U
C29 100U/16V
C30 10U/50V
IC 1 MC 33078
IC 2 5218
IC 3 HEF 4049
IC 4 IR2110
Q1 2N5551
Q2 2N5551
Q3 2N5551
Q4 5401
Q5 2N5551
Q6 2N5401
Q7 2N5551
Q8 BD139
Q9 BD140
Q10 BD139
Q11 BD140
R1 100K
R2 100K
R3 100K
R4 13K
R5 10K
R6 10K
R7 10K
R8 47K
R9 10K
R10 13K
R11 10K
R12 2K2
R13 10
R14 10
R15 4K7
R16 6K8
R17 10K
R18 13K
R19 1K2
R20 560
R21 560
R22 4,7
R23 4,7
R24 56K
R25 100K
R26 4K7
R27 4K7
R28 4K7
R29 4K7
R30 4K7
R31 1K2
R32 4K7/3WAT
R33 4K7/3WAT
R34 10/1WAT
R35 10/1WAT
R36 4K7
R37 4K7
R38 4K7
R39 15K
R40 15K
R41 6K8
R42 10K
R43 47K
R44 22
R45 22K
R46 47K
R47 100K
R48 33K
R49 680
R50 1K/1WAT
R52 0,1/5WAT NOBLE

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