Sunday, January 26, 2020

Power Amplifier Micro Driver PCB Layout

Power Amplifier Micro Driver, in this post elcircuit will share the PCB layout design of the Micro power amplifier driver, this power amplifier is already very well known among DIYers, a very simple circuit but the Micro power amplifier is very popular with various groups, can be for home or pro audio, for the use of audio professionals, it is required to add a final transistor, to be more powerful and increase power as long as the power supply is also upgraded. To use the final transistor, you can use the TIP30555 TIP2955, 2SC2922 2SA1943, and many more, following a single layer Layout PCB Power Amplifier Micro Driver:
PCB Size 6x8cm
Power Amplifier Micro Driver
Power Amplifier Micro Driver
Power Amplifier Micro Driver

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