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Stereo Power Amplifier STK4132-2 STK4152-2 etc

Hello this time I will share the PCB layout Stereo Power Amplifier STK41xx-2, and I have tried on the STK4152-2 amplifier chip and the results are quite amazing, the sound produced is very soft and detailed bass sound is good, the vocals and the treble is very clear. Besides using ChipSTK4152-2 you can also use a chip STK4132-2, STK4142-2, STK4162-2, STK4172-2, STK4182-2, STK4192-2. On the PCB that I will share, I also complete it with speaker delay, which serves to eliminate the sound that is quite surprising when the amplifier is first turned on.

You can immediately see the PCB layout as shown below:
Stereo Power Amplifier STK4152-2 STK4132-2, STK4142-2, STK4162-2, STK4172-2, STK4182-2, STK4192-2

You can download a PCB Gerber at the end of this post along with BoM (Bill of Material) to make it easier for you to make this STK power amplifier circuit.

Video build and test

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  1. Is it possible to re-upload the video please?
    I'm working on this project and the video is really helpful.
    Thanks :)

  2. click the link video build and test

  3. Thank you for the link!
    Sorry to hear you've been hacked... :/

  4. Stk4141 and stk4142 is same pin configaration??
    Which ic is best? 4141 or 4142?