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Subwoofer Controller Frequency Phase & Booster

We will share the circuit to control and filter the low tone (Subwoofer), By using this subwoofer controller circuit you can add a more powerful bass sound to your subwoofer amplifier, in addition, this circuit is also equipped with frequency adjustments and phase reversals from 0-180 degrees. The following is the scheme of the subwoofer controller circuit:

Subwoofer Controller Frequency Phase & Booster

In the above circuit scheme, using 2 IC op-amps, namely MC33178 (dual op-amps) and also MC33179 (quad op-amps). Besides using the IC, you can also use IC 4558 / NE5532 for the dual op-amp IC. As for the quad op-amp, you can use TL074 / LM324. The Subwoofer Gain / Boost settings are on the R23 potentiometer, Phase on R21, and frequency on R19. R23 and R21 use a mono potentiometer R19 use a stereo potentiometer.

In addition, the circuit is also equipped with a subsonic filter, which serves to cut the signal or low tone 0 - 40Hz. and frequency settings ranging from 50Hz to 250Hz. 

The subwoofer controller circuit works in the 12V-15V AC voltage range because the circuit is also equipped with a rectifier and power supply regulator using IC 7815 and 7915 you can directly connect to the transformer out (AC voltage). minimum rated current transformer 350mA.

For friends who want after attempting layout design of the subwoofer controller circuit schematic, we provide PCB layout SMD version with Double Layer you can download it at the end of the posting.

Subwoofer Controller Frequency Phase & Booster

To facilitate the purchase of components we have also provided a BoM (Bill of Materials) file at the end of the post. By using BoM file you can upload it to the site and automatically you can simply select the spare and can be directly inserted into a shopping cart for purchase.
Download (extract first before using)

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