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Class-D Amplifier Yamaha YDA138

Hello friends, on this occasion I will share the power amplifier scheme using the Yamaha YDA-138 class D power amplifier chip and also class AB amplifier headphones which are included in the YDA138 chip.
The following is the YDA138 Class-D Yamaha Amplifier power amplifier schematic:
Yamaha YDA138 Class-D Amplifier Schematic Diagram circuit diagram
This amplifier is very suitable for use in the room, using 6-8 inch speakers, the power that can be produced by this amplifier is around 10W RMS at 4-ohm load. And the above scheme is specifically for the use of 4-ohm speakers because in the LPF section it uses 470N with a 10uH inductor. For more details, you can also see the IC YDA 133 datasheet.

Because I want to make an amplifier with good sound quality, I use an audio grade component. Check out the video making for this amplifier.

In the video, I use a power supply with a battery so that it can be made portable for its D-class amplifiers and for its headphone headphones. My battery uses 3 18650 with a 4.2V 3Ah voltage each so it can produce 12.6V voltage, and I give BMS (Battery Management System) to make it safer. For charging can use a voltage of 13.8V, these amplifiers can run up to 24 hours nonstop using a 4 ohm 6-inch speaker. in full load, this amplifier only consumes no more than 3W.

If you are interested in making this amplifier, I provide Gerber files to download, and you can order PCBs at the PCB manufacturing plant.

The following PCB Layout Class-D Amplifier Yamaha YDA138 

Class-D Amplifier Yamaha YDA138

Class-D Amplifier Yamaha YDA138 PCB
Class-D Amplifier Yamaha YDA138 Layout PCB
PCB Class-D Amplifier Yamaha YDA138 Gerber

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