Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Powerful 2000W Power Amplifier Class-H

Class H Powerful amplifier circuit 2000W
Class H is an analog amplifier which aims to improve the efficiency of the amplifier B / AB class. In class B / AB, the supply voltage is only one pair which is often denoted as + VCC and -VEE for example + 24V and -24V (or written with +/- 24volt). In class H amplifiers, the supply voltage is multilevel. Especially for applications that require high voltage power, so that the supply voltage is efficient, there are 2 or 3 different pairs. For example, there is a supply voltage of +/- 154 volts, +/- 77 volts and +/- 12volt. For example, for soft and low sound, the active pair is +/- 77 volt supply voltage. Then if it is necessary to drive a loud sound, the supply voltage can be switched to a maximum supply voltage pair of +/- 154 volts.

And below the circuit for Powerfull 2000W Power Amplifier Class-H
Powerfull 2000W Power Amplifier Class-H Circuit

Resistor 1/4W
4R7 x 2, 33R x2, 10R x1, 47R x1, 68R x3, 100R x3, 180R x2, 220R x2, 270R x2, 470R x5, 680R x2, 820R x1, 1K x4, 2K2 x3, 2K7 x4, 4K7 x1, 8K2 x1, 10K x7, 12K x2, 15K x 1, 22K x1, 27K x2, 33K x2, 39K x2, 47K x1, 100K x3, 180K x1,
Resistor 1W
10R x1, 1K x1, 100K x2
Resistor 2W
5R6 x2, 22R x2, 220R x2, 2K2 x2, 4K7 x2, 6K8 x1, 47K x1, 56K x1
Resistor 5W
0.33R x15, 10R x1
500R x1

22pF x2, 27pF x1, 47pF x4, 220pF x6, 470pF x4, 1nF x 1, 100nF x1, 100nF/250V x4, 100nF/400V x3
Capacitor Elco
4u7/50V x4, 3300uF/50V x1, 10u/50V x2, 10u/250V x3, 33u/50V x1, 100u/25V x2, 100u/50V x2, 220u/50V x1

1N4148 x13, 1N4007 x4, HER205/1N4937 x3, 1N5408 x4, RHRP/ MUR1560 x2, LED x2, ZD5V1 x2, ZD6V2 x2, ZD15V x2, ZD15V/1W x2

NE5532 x1, 7812 x2

2N5551 x11, 2N5401 x5, BD139 x1, 2SA1837 x2, 2SC4793 x3, 2SA1941 x1, 2SC5198 x1, 2SA1943 x11, 2SC5200 x11

Relay 12V x1

For PCB layout class-H 2000W power amplifier circuit above you can use PCB Layout below, this PCB layout has worked well. If you need a layout. PDF you can download at the end of the post that I have compressed into the RAR file.
PCB Layout Power Amplifier class-H work
Schematic & PCB Layout Design Power Amplifier Class-H PDF

Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.


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