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Power Amplifier SOCL 504 SMD Ver1.0

Power Amplifier SOCL 504 SMD

Super OCL or also called SOCL power amplifier in this post I present with a very mini design. Using multiple SMD components (Surface Mount Device) so as to reduce PCB dimensions due to very small components of size mm, but still has a very good power amplifier performance like the previous SOCL 504 power amplifier

For Power Amplifier SOCL 504 is the first I use in the smd part, which I publish with version 1.0, I will update later to obtain maximum results and minimalist design.

The following is a circuit schematic power amplifier SOCL 504 SMD:

Schematic circuit Power Amplifier SOCL 504 SMD

For component list you can download with PDF format here: Bill Of Materials for SOCL 504 smd ver 1 0

PCB Layout I design using double layer PCB you can print your own PCB by using double layer PCB or single layer that taped into two layers.
PCB Layout Design Power Amplifier SOCL 504 SMD

Download PCB Layout design .PDF: PCB Layout SOCL 504.PDF
Download Gerber Files: SOCL 504 SMD Ver 1.0

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