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LM1036 Stereo Tone Control

lm1036 tone control stereo
On this occasion I will share the stereo tone control circuit scheme using LM1036 IC, tone control circuit is highly recommended for the use of power amplifiers with room-scale that can produce a very clear sound, bass tones are more powerful, clear vocal sound and clear treble.

This tone control circuit has four settings for volume, balance, treble, and bass. below for circuit diagram tone control LM1036:
tone control lm1036 stereo circuit diagram
Component List:
C1= 47U
C2, C16= 470n
C3, C15= 1n
C4, C7, C9, C12= 220n
C5, C14= 10U
C6, C13= 330n
C8= 10n
C10-C11= 1u
R1-R4= 47k
U1= LM1036

LM1036 Features from Datasheet:
• Wide Supply Voltage Range, 9V to 16V volume and balance circuit for stereo applications in 
• Large Volume Control Range, 75 dB Typical car radio, TV and audio systems. An additional 
• Tone Control, ±15 dB Typical control input allows loudness compensation to be simply effected.
• Channel Separation, 75 dB Typical 
• Low Distortion, 0.06% Typical for An Input Four control inputs provide control of the bass, treble, Level of 0.3 Vrms balance and volume functions through application of DC voltages from a remote control system or, 
• High Signal to Noise, 80 dB Typical for an alternatively, from four potentiometers which may be Input Level of 0.3 Vrms biased from a zener regulated supply provided on the 
• Few External Components Required

LM1036 IC Diagram:
For who want to make this lm1036 Tone control circuit, I have provided PCB file with PDF format that you can print and transfer to PCB. That way you can easily make this tone control circuit without complicated manual connecting. How to transfer images to PCB.
PCB Layout Tone Control lm1036 stereo

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