Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Subwoofer Filter 4558 complete Power Supply

Subwoofer Filter 4558 circuit

Hello friends, this time I will share the 4558 filter subwoofer circuit which is similar to the previous filter subwoofer. Why is a subwoofer filter needed for a power amplifier circuit? For the important problem whether or not it depends on the usefulness of the power amplifier itself, whether the power amplifier is devoted to subwoofer speakers or not. If so, then this subwoofer circuit is very important.

Usefulness is very good, but it also can clarify the low tone and eliminate the middle tone and high tone, so that bass issued by subwoofer speakers getting kicked. Back to the topic of this subwoofer circuit, this circuit I design and I modify it by adding a regulated power supply circuit by IC 7815 and 7915. Below the circuit schematic of subwoofer filter complete power supply:

Subwoofer Filter 4558
 PCB Layout Design Subwoofer Filter Circuit:
PCB Layout Subwoofer FIlter 4558
 PCB Layout Design Subwoofer Filter in two layers:
PCB Layout Design Subwoofer Filter 4558 in two layers

PCB Layout Subwoofer Filter (top).pdf
PCB Layout Subwoofer Filter (bottom).pdf
PCB Layout Subwoofer Filter.Gerber 

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