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HiFi Class-D Discrete Power Amplifier

HiFi Class-D Discrete Power Amplifier
Hello, friends this time I will share the scheme of class-d power amplifier circuit using discrete components (transistors, resistors, capacitors) without using IC. The power amplifier can produce output power 200 Watt to 500W RMS, which only use final transistor Mosfet N-channel as much as 2 pieces. In this circuit, I use 2 pieces of final transistor IRF540. This IRF540 MOSFET transistor can control voltage up to 100V with maximum current 28A continuously. So I just use the transistor for the final amplifier (switching PWM). Power amplifier class-d super HiFi can be supplied up to 45V DC CT. and for circuit schematics also PCB Layout design I can see below:

HiFi Class-D Discrete Power Amplifier Circuit
PCB Layout in 2 Layers:
PCB Layout Design HiFi Class-D Discrete Power Amplifier


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  1. Hi, what is the size of the board? and which analog D10

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