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Class-D Power Amplifier Circuit D1K5

On this occasion, I will share the power amplifier circuit, power amplifier circuit with the class-d system. The power amplifier is very good used for large power. This power amplifier can be supplied from 65V to 95V DC with a minimum current of 10A or better. And can generate power up to 1500Watt RMS, so big is not it?

The D-class amplifier is an electronic amplifier that uses transistor switching as the primary method for power, unlike class A, class B, or AB-class linear amplifier that uses the active resistance of the transistor. Therefore, this amplifier has a higher benefit, with additional results for the required heat sink. Filter the LC pass under smoothing the pulses.

The efficiency of a high D-class amplifier stems from the fact that the output stage never operates in a linear or active state. The output of the D-class amplifier consists only of ON or OFF. When the appliance is alive, the current that flows is maximum, but the voltage that runs it is ideally zero, and when the appliance dies, the voltage that stretches it is maximized, but the current that flows is zero.

Below the 2 Layers PCB Layout Power amplifier Class-D D1K5:
PCB Layout Power amplifier Class-D D1K5

Finished Power Amplifier 1500W Class-D D1k5
High Power Amplifier Class-D Circuit

Power Amplifier Class-D D1K5

Power Amplifier class d 1500W

Video Power Amplifier 

Gerber Files: Class D D1K5

26 comments for "Class-D Power Amplifier Circuit D1K5"

  1. Hi, please share the details about coil
    what kind of core and wire gage, cane we use ferrite core

    1. core diameter 3.5cm, wire gauge 0,8mmx2 about 23 turns

  2. Ramdhan this file is not open

  3. Hello there ..Wahyu ... where do I get circuit for class d D1K5 amplifier..?? the GERBER zip file.. ha s nothing and no parts list....? please.???
    would like the circuit please...?? you may mail to me - my email ... thank you... very much.. please...??

    1. there is no part list , you can see on pcb layout image

    2. Hello Wahyu ... not EVERYONE has the program you did the "layout" in...??
      unless you are prepared to give me that program..???!!!
      I have no program.. with which to access the GERBERS.,..??
      Please give me the program.. you can send it to me with ?? please.???

      Thanks very much... and good show with your work...!!! KEEP IT UP my man.!!!

  4. Hello there Wahyu .. okay so can you PM me please.. I have a very interesting scientific question for you...??
    much appreciated... Kindest Regards - Spencer..

  5. Hello there Wahyu ... okay so now someone gave me a PROTEUS program... and I have installed it, and learning how to use it... I have loaded the GERBERS, "looked" at the circuit of the 1K5 watt amplifier... and it uses a split rail supply.. which is also not high enough for the purposes I want..
    So I also found your 500W .. TL494 class-d amplifier.. which is a single rail.. supply... Oh this has great promise.. Okay so I have now jacked it up to 250V ... however... I cannot get it to simulate in Proteus..!! appears that there is "something amiss" with the TL494 model.. I suppose..???
    I have MULTISIM 14.1 and I have loaded the circuit in there.. and I have got it to work .. after a fashion.. I need it to work at around 4 kHz.. so am working on that..
    Now.. if you or any other readers.. have working circuits.. of class-d amplifiers which can work up to 500-600 volts on a single rail.. I would be very grateful for any feedback.!!
    there are chips.. like.. IXYS.. IX6R11S6 ... which could work from a single rail with two mosfets.. one high side, and one low side..and the IRS2011 ..8 pin chippy .. which can also work a single rail..
    my experiments are all scientifically based. and I need to create an amolifier which works as perfectly as possible.. I have a very special waveform.. which I synthesize.. and then it reaches 5 volts.. so I need to amplify that waveform so that it can work out at up to 600 volts.. for this test.. so it creates waveforms up to say 600 volts.. (I testing 250V at this time).. and the collapses back to zero volts.. and works up again to the high volts.. then collapses again. as I say it's all experimental now.
    I have to do this waveform perfectly. So far, as far as I know.. no one.. has done this perfectly. It has been wanting to be done since the 1890's.. and now with "modern" technology.. I see no reason why I cannot accomplish this.. now..!!!!!
    Okay Wahyu.. and others.. can you guys help please.??
    My very Kindest Regards - you folks may whatsapp me.. in south africa. +27 71 743 4842.. if you like to chat about this.. project..

    1. Hello bro, its very interesting project. but it really 600v can handle it? you contact me via Fcbook

    2. Hello Wahyu ... I DO NOT DO FACEBOOK...!!! and NEVER WILL...
      I am a realist..!!!
      chows... via email - we can talk....
      thanks Wahyu ..
      Kindest Regards

  6. hi bro im south african want to build that yiroshi 1600w amp as well as yamaha pa 2400... how can i order the components plz.....need advise

  7. Hello - Micheal Valentyn ... so you can order - components from - Mantech... in JHB... or from RS Online....
    where - are you - mate..?? in JHB.. or DBN... or CTown...?? where bro.!!??
    So - if you in JHB - where abouts...??? cause - you can easily - get stuff from Mantech.. 011-4939307 ... but try also - RSE...Electronics -in JHB right nearby - Mantech..!!
    So - make your lists - and... do it - it's simple... look for PROTEUS ... on the internet - ?? - look all over... and find yourself.. "A COPY"...!! - then load it... and the learn how to use it... then you - can load the GERBERS - Whayau.. has given us... and then see what the components - are....
    BTW - my 600 volts - power amp - is working - beautifully..!!! it puts - 1200 volts - across the "speaker"....!! - so if my speaker is- 4 ohm load... then - I can current dump - 600 / 4 = 150 amp pulses into that speaker.!!!!
    So be VERY CAREFUL .. of that stuff - IT WILL KILL YOU..,!!!

    I not using - for music - I need it for a very very important - scientific experiment - I doing...!!!! AND WOW - it seems to be working - just so smart.!!!
    (unfortunately - I CANNOT describe it yet - I have applied - for south african - and overseas - Patents... cause - this is really - very private - secret stuff.!!)..

    Okay - Micheal... - do it.. man - do what I say above... you can whatsapp - me - if you want... +27 71 743 4842... I'll try help...!!
    GOD BLESS - my man...!!
    my very Kindest Regards - Spencer..

  8. cho xin sơ đồ làm với

  9. Добрый день wahyu, как я могу получить d1k5 в Москве? В собранном виде?

  10. Добрый день. Сколько будет стоить денег собранный d1k5 , и цена доставки в Москву?

  11. Hello my friend. Out 1k5 res (5watt) res very hot Problem. Please help me friend

  12. Gerber files 1k5 output and v+ problem. Normal shema 1kt output and gnd =)

  13. Bro,klo yg class d1k5 djual gak bro?

  14. Bro,klo yg class d1k5 djual gak bro?

  15. No hay pdf me podrían regalar por favor mi correo es [email protected]

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  18. Can you please tell me the values of the 3 capacitors near the LED and also the 3 capacitors near the 12v bias voltage pin?

  19. Can you please tell me the values of the 3 capacitors near the LED and also the 3 capacitors near the 12v bias voltage pin?