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Sound activated 12V LED Lights

Sound activated 12V LED Lights
Hello, in this post I will share the daring led lights, led lights are lit up with the thump of the tone issued by the speakers. The lights are on with a high sound and no sound.

The workings of this circuit are simple, ie using some electronic circuit, microphone serves to capture sound, and the sound will be transmitted into sound. Well, these buttons will be used and converted into working voltage, which is processed by mic preamp circuit, and the signal converting circuit into the voltage using the LB1403 circuit. the voltage released by the LB1403 circuit is still very small with a small current also, which can only be done on a 1.5V led light. Then I add the NPN transistor amplifier so you can use 12V voltage for the lights that are in the car for audio accessories. Here's the circuit, PCB Layout:

Sound activated 12V LED Lights

R1=47K, R2=10K, R3=12K, R4=220K, R5=150R, R6=5k6, R7=560R, R8=20k, R9=10R
C1=22N, C2=4u7/25V, C3=1uF/25V, C4=120pF, C5=100uF/25V, C6=4u7F/25V
D1=1N4007, RL1=Relay 12V SPDT, Q1=TIP42, U1=LB1403

PCB Layout Design
Sound activated 12V LED Lights PCB LAyout
PCB Layout Design Sound activated 12V Lights

Tested Sound Activated LED Lights 12V 40W Video:


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